Rewards that were unlocked for other promotions show as not unlocked.
Some rewards that were available through methods other than Ubisoft Connect such as in-game promotions and others display as not unlocked in the Ubisoft Connect Reward interface. This may seem like that you are unable to unlock a Reward, but since you redeemed it previously, you should find it in-game. This is currently affecting the Altair Outfit Reward in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, which was previously available through the Godly Reward Pack.
Status: Under Investigation.


[XBOX] Unable to link Ubisoft Connect account
We are aware of an issue on Xbox consoles where you are unable to link your Ubisoft Connect account as the onscreen keyboard does not present itself when selecting a text field. As the issue only occurs when attempting to link an account, this is only affecting new or unlinked accounts
Status: Resolved
Workaround: Link your Xbox and Ubisoft Connect account through the Ubisoft Connect mobile app, the Ubisoft Connect Xbox app or account management website