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    No more Sam?? Why???
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    in game overlay

    update the browser and enhane the ux please. its outdated as f.
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    Awww, I'm gonna miss the Sam feature

    Looking forward to this new Change though!
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    Ubisoft, you're saying it was a gift for the players to autofinish all the challenges.
    That's ********! You ruined the fun of finishing them on my own.
    (And this way I got no XP or badges for those challenges.)
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    R6 challenges are still not showing any progress
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    i went onto the sam forum to find out what ubisoft did except it is explained here. what is Si ( smart intel ). is Si sam. am i an operative. what is the operation.
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    Does it mean classic challenges won't be back? Currently all of my games (newer like AC Odyssey or older like Far Cry 3) have unavaiable challenges.
    Many rewards are also missing.

    Will it all be fixed?

    I don't understand these changes...
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    So Ubisoft decided to remove the old challenges, I thought they would just not add new ones to older games but nuking the already existing ones? wow that's harsh.
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    after the friday november 20th 2020 update DELTA-03 been loving me.. wtf?!?!
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