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    No rewards, no game progress since october 20th

    Before October 20th, I had "green nat" status, and never had a connectivity problem.

    Now, since October 20th, I have the red "unknown nat" status. I cannot join multiplayer.

    Worst: at the end of solo matches (any mode of a match), I receive the "servers are taking too long to respond" message, and I never get my spoils of war nor my exp points, so I cannot complete orders nor progress my characters.

    I've followed the "troubleshooting guide for connectivity issues for PS4": I have reinstalled the game, I made sure that my modem has the UPnP activated, I flushed the DNS, I've rebuilt the PS4 database, redirected TCP and UDP ports for the game, and putting the console in the DMZ of the modem. Nothing works.

    Could you help me? Or should I abandon this game? I really really want to play... This is spoiling my experience with this game.
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    me too i did everything ,nothing works,migration is over but still nothing
    it's happening for all iranians,where are you from ?
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    Hey Ek-BalamGRT and jasondragon141! I am sorry that the two of you have been encountering this issue with For Honor! I generally suggest troubleshooting and port forwarding, however if both of you have completed these steps then please create a support ticket here. Along with your ticket, go ahead and provide your port forwarding images as well. From there, an agent will be able to investigate this issue further!
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