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    Rainbow Six Vegas 1 Remaster

    I have been playing Rainbow Six Vegas 1 for ten years now, and most of the time it takes hours to find a match, but with people who are equally as passionate about a remaster as I am. This would sell so many copies, and keep the game alive, a game that, of all games, truly needs to be brought back. A classic for sure. Let’s keep this game alive!
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    Definitely 👍🏻
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    Hamburglar-44's Avatar Banned
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    Package it with R6V2
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    Rainbow Six Las Vegas 2

    A ver si sacan el R6V2 remasterizado para PlayStation 4, sería algo fantástico,el mejor juego de disparos que he probado!!!
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    Rainbow six vegas 1 und 2

    Ist und bleibt einer der besten Spiele ever.... Beide Spiele Vereinen und ein vierten Teil mit der gleichen Software oder was auch immer und ich wäre sofort dabei
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    why u but not 1&2 togther from the maps and better grafic and faster and u have r perfect game.like there done by call of duty 4
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    ja war auch so spielte das so oft und mlg 10 Jahre heute bin ich froh wenn du bei der uncut me Lobby findest
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    Merge 1 & 2 and include Maps from both. You would make a fortune! Best FPS Game ever!!!
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    Ubisoft, please remake Rainbow Six-Vegas 1 and 2, especially Vegas 2, on PS4!! It was my favorite game of all time, and I can't play it anymore. I played it on PS3, and my PS3 broke YEARS ago, and I now have a PS4, and I miss the game so much! Please remake Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (and R6V1) on Playstation 4!
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    Remastering and Combining 1 & 2 is a Great Idea.

    I Wish they'd Consider doing that.
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