Hello everyone,

Just a quick update to the Ubisoft Club, Ubisoft Club Rewards and Ubisoft Connect and how this affects Ghost Recon Breakpoint -

You may have trouble connecting to the Ubisoft Club as we are busy changing this to our new and improved service, Ubisoft Connect, that will be updated and live by the end of October.

Only some of our latest and most popular games will move over to Ubisoft Connect. Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be one of these games.

This means the game will benefit from the improved Loyalty program of Ubisoft Connect and meta progression, include new Core and Time-Limited Challenges, Smart Intel, as well as use the new Ubisoft Connect interface.

We are aware that some games already claimed Ubisoft Club rewards have gone missing from certain games temporarily, this should be fixed by the end of October when Ubisoft Connect goes live.

More details on the new platform Ubisoft Connect and what you can do with it, please read this article - https://ubisoftconnect.com/en-GB/faq/