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    I finished building a project i had long time in mind.

    It is called A-sim and it is a serial-interface peripheral which reads airspeed and sideslip values from the game through X-SIM and simulates what the air would feel like in an open cockpit. To create the airflow, it uses 2x 12Vdc computer fans. In my case it outputs around 4.25 m2/minute (~150 QFM), which is quite a lot. I have used it for IL2 open-cockpit airplanes, but it can be used for racing simulators too.

    It is based on the PIC16F887, powered by 12Vdc, drives up to 4 PC fans(!) and its total cost is below 20 EUROS.
    With 4 PC fans one could get around 10 m2/min, you would need goggles to face the screen!

    Here are some limited pictures because i am having problems with my digital camera...

    (Click on the thumbnails to see full size photos)

    (i used my PC's power supply to power A-sim, through the 12V line (yellow-black) )

    Here are the settings which were used in X-SIM:
    ~a01~: I.A.Sp. IAS_settings.jpg, IAS_math.jpg
    ~a02~: L_Slip L_Slip_settings.jpg, L_slip_math.jpg
    ~a03~: R_Slip R_Slip_settings.jpg, R_slip_math.jpg

    The code and the schematic can be found here:

    I will upload some videos soon.
    Hope you find it helpful..
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    I think you have WAY to much time on your hands man, lol, keep it up
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    LOL! I do not sleep a lot Shinjiro!

    I hope this turns out to be a gift, not a curse!

    Tomorrow i am shooting a presentation vid..
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    Here is the video:

    I am still looking for a way to show the airflow, but i am out of fog machines in the house!
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    Wow, this give me hope as I am a sucker for immersion as well and have been kicking around an idea for a flight sim peripheral.

    What I've had in mind is a usb device similar to a trakir that sits atop the monitor and when your engine is hit it sprays burning oil in your face.

    I think it could be revolutionary to the industry as the online airquake crowd would never be the same.

    Any thoughts?
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    But there is one problem... USB would never be able to provide enough power to boil the oil. A quick thought would be a propane preheater that would prepare the oil for the oil-beck, and a good afterburner to provide a blistering sensation..
    Just thinking out loud..
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