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    lands of lions bug

    since i updated my game with the land of lions update my game keeps crashen often
    often even during the loading of the saved games.

    When i load an old saved game that doesn't have the new area explored yet it doesn't crashes at all

    the game never crashed before the update either so...

    but now it crashes so often i can't even play the game anymore plz help.

    i lowered the graphics settings but it doesn't help not that i think those are a problem.

    each time i crashed i send a report of it

    hope to be able to play again soon
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    UbiKobold's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Feb 2020
    Hiya slayerspirit25! I apologize for any inconvenience caused with these recent crashes in your game! Please try verifying your game files in Uplay. However, if the crashes continue, please create a support ticket here and provide your MSinfo and DxDiag files to be reviewed.
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