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    RTC not useable ,yet.

    Windows installed it at several ports... The cable is not shown up n game?
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    Yes, same here !! I was.....
    Hi, I have same problem about some days ago, and was not fixed after fixed UBI's issue this time.
    but I was able to solve it just now, Please try the following methods
    I'm sorry, I'm from japan, so I don't know the correct names for English....X)

    1. open "Device Manager" on windows. and look "Input and Output of Audio"
    you can find "Rocksmith - RealToneCable (x-Rocksmith USB Gitar Adapter)"
    2. Right-click on this and "Disable this device" once.
    3. Right-click again on same , select "Enable this Device"
    and start a game the Rocksmith 2014 !!

    If you still can't solve it, try the following methods too
    Open a property (right click on same step1 above), "Update Driver" once (choose "Auto serching latest driver")
    and restart PC(windows) and play game

    I hope this would help you
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    Thanks for sharing this, Mas_71!

    Butch410, did this help to resolve your issue?
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