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    Flamethrower from collectors edition

    Hello everyone!

    I want to pre-order Far Cry 6 collectors edition, but I cant find full information about conent of box. Especialy, the firegun is wery interesting.
    Is it real? Is it content metal-parts? I am really short in money (I am from Russia, lol), so I cant spend money for purchase (new year myself-present), that I wouldnt like though/

    Can anyone tell about flamethrower more, please?
    Have a nice day!
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    Replica is a non-functional, I think, it is only plastic.
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    Really real!

    Yes my friend it is only plastic. A model really so they can send it by mail. Lol. However I do understand your desire for the "real deal" being your from Rus. A great alternative is a few vodka bottles. They served well in the GPW. Good luck. Bocar.
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