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    any similar games to play while waiting for far cry 6

    well i play all the far cry series and just cause series (cause just cause is literally kinda like far cry open world). But the thing is now couldnt even find any games like far cry series
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    Personally I prefer to do the opposite and play something decidedly NOT like the next game I plan on getting so as to make playing the new game feel all the more fresh and unique. If I played a similar game on the lead up to FC6's launch, I'd end up feeling like I'm just playing more of the same a lot sooner, but that's just me.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 is definitely similar.
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    Originally Posted by tonysiracha2015 Go to original post
    .....But the thing is now couldnt even find any games like far cry series

    Yes, tonysiracha2015, there are no such games.

    You can find many 1st person shooters with open world and Just Cause, remotely similar to Far Cry......but Far Cry is unique.
    Far away country, immersive atmoshere, music, humour, charismatic villains...

    There is no such game - that's why you couldn't find it.

    You can find many other good games, in different genres - but you'll never find next Far Cry.
    (As we know it from Ubisoft)

    But if there is nothing to play.... you may try this 1st person open world shooter as well.

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