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    Network sensibility ... i can't play

    Sometimes ( like 10 times par hours ) i suffer disconnection from the network, betwenn 2ms and 4ms, witch is quiet low and fast.

    Anyway, everytimes, i have my game kicking me out complaining my internet link is down !!!

    I dont give a wathever to teamplay, to chat .... I only play solo, i am not interested in anything, but i get kick anyway.

    I am pretty sure i am not the only one.

    - on my side, twitxh someting to not being kick ( fixing my network is out of my hand, it is ISP related ).
    - to have a patch witch lower the deconnexion sensibility
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    Hi s5tratege!

    I'm sorry that the game is disconnecting. I appreciate that your internet may be fine in other games or services, however please run through the FAQ and test the game again.
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