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    Hi everyone. I just wanted to add to the number of affected customers for this problem. This is my first forum post with UBISOFT ever. More frustrating than the problem is the several hours I spent trying to troubleshoot this myself. My free time is limited, and I do IT for a living. Feels like I should send a bill to Ubisoft for my efforts...
    I'm right there with you. I even reinstalled my whole damn OS last night and couldn't fix it. I would like to see Ubisoft acknowledge the problem.
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    PC Rocksmith crashing

    PC is crashing too! just since yesterday after main login screen
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    Thanks for the link. I didn't see that.
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    Since yesterday late afternoon (GMT) it looks like theyve had some sort of Service degredation.
    Sad that its still ongoing 24 hours later...


    Any updates on this Ubisoft?
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    I'm restoring my PS3 (it's taking like 20 hours) because I thought it was my PS3 the problem
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    same issue 10/22/2020 at about 2:30 pm PST.
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    http://Ubisoft-Connect-Changes-to-Ub...b-and-Uplay-PC indiactes server maintenance for some switch over through Oct 27th.
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    hmm this link should work. https://support.ubisoft.com/en-US
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    Glad I've seen this here.
    I've also uninstalled the programme, drivers, usb devices. Nothing worked so at least this explains that.

    Unfortunately, now my sound is not working properly for anything.
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