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    Anno 1404 - Traguardo "Non c' tempo da perdere"

    Sto cercando di ottenere questo traguardo. Ho impostato una partita continua difficile ed ho costruito una prima volta la cattedrale in 6 ore ed una seconda volta in 5 ore. In entrambi i casi non mi ha assegnato il traguardo.

    Potete darmi qualche consiglio? Potrebbe essere che gli abitanti non devono mai essere scontenti?
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    What you are saying he isn't letting you to finish the church right?

    It is how many people you have on that one Island and not all the people you have on the whole map. Plus is he asking for some material too?

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    Sorry didn't read the heading but here is some info on this.

    anno 1404 we have no time to lose

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    Thanks a lot, but still nothing. I do everything they recommend but once the construction is complete, the achievement does not take place.
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    Hello there sforte, thank you for getting in contact with us about your issue and welcome to the forum.

    At the moment you are posting in our English speaking forum.

    If you are able to use a translator to type in English, we can try to help you here, as we are unable to offer support if questions are posted in a different language.

    Alternatively, if you'd like to receive support in your native language, you're welcome to create a support case on our Ubisoft Support website, by logging into our Support website, here - https://support.ubisoft.com/Cases/New

    If you scroll down the page to where it says 'Still Need Help?' Please fill in as much information as possible the click 'Submit My Case'

    Then an agent should respond to you in your chosen language within 48 hours
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