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    My perfect settings are gone. All in default now? Insane.
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    Cant find a way to get my old settings. Wow.
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    Yup and i have no clue where to start to getting my original sens back. How is the avg player suppose to know how to adjust his sens?
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    Yeah just too much settings now. I still cant find anything near my old settings.
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    Hello, this reset was done after the latest update due to the new changes to the Default Settings:

    With the arrival of the new aiming curve system, we made a pass on all default aiming settings; we also decided to reset all the aiming-related settings for controllers to make sure everyone would benefit from the changes (if you experienced any control issues it is recommended you restore the default setting manually first).
    I understand it can be frustrating to adjust them again and I will pass on the feedback to the team.
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    Wt... Get out bot
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    Ah sorry taken care of him!
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