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    My pre ordered was auto refund

    Hi, I pre-ordered this game when it launch, why the game was automatically submit refund and I dont find my pre-order game in my library.

    I wanted this game so badly and i cant wait to play this, I dont understand why was auto submit refund.

    Please help
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    I suggest directly contacting Ubisoft Support for your issue.
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    i did, but they didnt respond
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    Ubi-Raziel's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    I'm very sorry your order was refunded. Please note this would never happen without good reason, and you will have been emailed an explanation.

    I can see a support agent responded to your support case on 29th October. This is a private account-related discussion, so it's best we keep all future communication in your support case.

    Enjoy your day!
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    I bought the assassins creed Valhalla game in June, today in November the game doesn't appear in the library after the Ubisoft Connect update, please help me sir
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    Ubi-Shikallum's Avatar Community Staff
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    Hey VforVierza,

    You should have received an email, however, if you get in touch with us via the support site we will be able to discuss this further with you:

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