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    Originally Posted by LordCrash88 Go to original post
    So you took a well aged piece of software on PC that was finally recognized by most PC gamers as a good launcher, rename it to the most generic name possible, reskin it and break multiple of its functionalities and then release it in its broken state. Wow.

    What does this piece of crap actually offer for PC players that Uplay didn't already offer? I'm still looking for it...

    Sad reality is that you broke a good piece of PC software to make it available on PC as well and rush its release due to the upcoming new console release.

    And PC gamers like me are again just left in the rain. Thanks for nothing, Ubisoft, it seems like we're back in 2010...
    Agreed, Ubisoft connect is a MASSIVE downgrade compared to the uplay client.

    It ran better, it looked better, it had more and better features (at least the overlay. The ubisoft connect overlay is utter trash at the moment)
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    where the hell is the chat option in the new overlay? why is so slow? and so large

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    Thanks for your feedback!

    The chat feature is currently available in the Ubisoft Connect overlay but we’re working hard to make improvements to both these features so we can deliver the best overlay experience to you. The chat feature continues to exist in the desktop app and you can bring it up in a separate pop-up window.
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    Ubisoft, just put this crap where it belongs too (the trash bin) and give us PC players UPlay back.
    Or restore the old challanges with badges, XP and Units.
    (The way this disgrace is now, I would actually refund all my UPlay games, if it were still possible.)
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    Just revert back to the old system for us PC players and ask us for forgivnes.

    Saying you unlocked the challenges for us, but in reality you just put a checkmark on them and locked them forever.
    (If you really had unlocked them, we would have gotten the badges, the XP and the units, but a real unlock would have been still a ****ty move because I had wanted to do them myself.)

    And unlocking the rewards was a lie too, nope, even worse, because you didn't unlock anything, but took most if not all the stuff, which was already redeemed.

    (Did I understand it right, that with the time challenges gone, in AC Origins I will never ever again gain the Trail of the gods items, if I start a fresh game?)

    And let me guess, you can't revert back to the old perfectly fine running system, because with this crap you ****** up the database for all players/games?

    So first this communication disaster with Ezios roman set during the corona lockdown, then Valhalla not on steam and now this total failure of crappy software.
    And then you really expect me to buy Valhalla for 120€? Nope, never!
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    Plz go back

    The new Uplay app is annoying it uses confusing icons. the notifications are way to big, The new ubisoft connect is a unusable mess and needs to be optimized!!!!!!
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    Looking at Ubisoft Connect and what a buggy crap it is, it could be that this "unlocking" of challenges and rewards for the legacy games were not a planned feature, Ubisoft were just to incompetent to port it right.
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    Despite the update I can't download the game with it

    Despite the update I can't download the game with it

    Despite the update I can't download the game with it. I bought the full edition of Settlers adds this edition to my list, but the games can't be downloaded from Ubisoft, nor with the updated Ubisoft Connect, and it even says that I bought the edition, though
    The Settlers The Settlers History Collection Exclusive
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    Simply put, what does this _mean_. You've said almost nothing in so many words, and failed to make it clear if chat is coming back to the overlay, or if it's going to be permanently relegated to the desktop. In fact, a lot of features that were standard with Uplay are now absent, and the lack of communication regarding this is _staggering_. Someone needs to call a meeting, and put together a statement about what is going on with Connect, because if you aren't going to launch feature complete and ready to go, the least you can do is have the decency to actually communicate with your userbase beyond the bog standard empty thanks and copy paste messages promising "improvements to features" so you can "deliver the best overlay experience to you".

    Frankly, how the hell can you even know what the "best overlay experience for you" is when you won't even talk to us about what you're doing?
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    That's PR speak to you. Also, they know you can't play their games without Connect and monopolies are not user-friendly, ever.
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