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    Hello Glass_Witch,

    This has been referred to the team for the meantime.

    We don't have any updates to share at the moment, however further information may be requested to investigation.

    We'll update the thread with any updates we receive from the team, as and when we receive them.

    Sorry for the inconvenience
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    [thank you, I look forward to your updates and a resolution to this problem.
    Have a great weekend!
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    Hey there guys!

    Just to let you know that this issue is still being investigated further. We currently have no new information to share. Once we have an update to share, we will post it within the forums.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and appreciate your ongoing patience.
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    Good evening,
    Itís been about a week since any update and over two months since the problem began....just wondering if anyone is working on/getting close to fixing this problem?
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    Iíd like you to understand what werewolves within is like for me now that the friends list is not working. A few nights ago my friends were in a lobby of 7 so I logged in to try to join them. I hit quick match and got into a lobby of 3. I tried a few times but kept getting g I to this other lobby so I asked them if they wouldnít mind closing their lobby for 10 seconds so I could quick match I roto my friends game the. They could start their lobby again. I was polite, said please, I didnít expect them to do it because I knew at least one of them wasnít exactly a friend. I was called a ***** several times by one of them but another one agreed to do it for me.
    Here is the video of me asking them if they wouldnít mind helping me out by closing their lobby https://youtu.be/qzjBS59AVRQ(unfortunately I didnít have my voice on the video because I had never saved a video clip before this.)Eventually they all left and I joined my friends. This is what was said when they regrouped.


    The following night my lobby had to kick this same player out at least 30 times, he just kept coming back because kicks only last until you log out of the app now. I hope this helps you understand that this isnít just inconvenient to players but causes abusive situations. This isnít even the worst that Iíve been subjected to since the book broke itís just what I have available to share thanks to another player.
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    Is there any news yet? Apparently the team started looking at this a month ago nd, knowing other games had this same issue and fixed it within a day or two, I would think this should have easily been fixed in this time period. Weíve played with at least 15 brand new players in the past few weeks so people are buying your broken game and never getting to add players they meet or join people they are comfortable with.
    There are more players coming back to play again because of Covid...this is the opportunity to revive the community so please try to get this done ASAP before everyone gives up and leaves for good.
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    This issue was brought to your attention over 3 months ago. Your game is still being sold in the PlayStation store but it doesnít function properly but youíve said the team is looking into this issue 2 1/2 months ago. This isnít a difficult fix and Iím sure if anyone was actually looking into it the problem would have been resolved within a day or two as all the other games with the same issue had them repaired in an hour two.
    Is anyone ever goi g to address this?
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    Back in November you said this issue was being investigated. It is now the middle of February and not even an update has been posted. Should I assume that you just blatently lied to get us (me) out of your hair? There are still several people trying to play this game despite the challenges and the solution would no doubt be a 10 min fix. We know as a company you donít care about this game any longer but the layers certainly do. Please fix it.
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    Your company really doesnít care at all about itís customers does it? There are still people who manage to play this game but the fact that you canít get someone to spend 5 minutes to fix the broken friends list says a lot about the company itself. There are still people buying this game and they will never get to play it because almost everyone gave up on it thanks to you. All the other games were fixed within minutes of the PS update so I know it isnít a difficult fix.
    I plan on letting as many people know about how you feel about your customers as I possibly can...and encouraging them to stop purchasing your titles. In my household alone there are 3 consoles and separate ps accounts. That may not mean anything to you but if you havenít gathered, I am very Persistent...I donít give up easily.
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