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    Yes! I did decrease the resolution to XGA and the render quality to 25 and it didn't put me at a disadvantage. The GPU usage dropped to 35% and the minimum FPS is near 144. Is there anything that could give less burden to the CPU which is still at 90% usage? Or should I try to upgrade hardware?
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    If you want to have more FPS, less FPS drops and overall better PC performance, play on Vulkan.
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    Hey SIC_iksz!

    As far as hardware goes, upgrade should definitely make things smoother, however you can still see whether any improvements can be made. In order to do so, have a look at steps outlined in the following article and see whether you notice any change. Additionally, just as BOZZ.ZERONE suggested, some players mentioned that they have better performance with Vulkan so if you haven't already, you can give it a go.

    Keep us updated and should you have any questions in the meantime, let us know!
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