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    [09/10/2020] New update and changelog!

    Hello everyone,

    We hope that you enjoyed the first edition of "A08 Forever" which happened yesterday! If you've missed it, we'll see you next month on the 8th of November at 8PM on a new A08 remake.

    We're also pushing an update today with the following changes:

    + Fixed the home button in main pages
    + Automatically fetch the club images on players' dedicated servers. The following images in the settings will be used in priority:
    - S_DecoImageUrl_Checkpoint
    - S_DecoImageUrl_DecalSponsor4x1
    - S_DecoImageUrl_Screen16x9
    - S_DecoImageUrl_Screen8x1
    - S_DecoImageUrl_Screen16x1
    You can set the setting S_DecoImageUrl_WhoAmIUrl to the empty string "" if you don't want to use the club images at all.
    + Added map editor quick start feature in the settings. It allows launching directly the map editor when creating a new map with your preferences.
    + We now display sponsors in TMGL on the 16/9 screen
    + Other minor bugfixes and improvements.

    See you on track!
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    How to set the club images on our dedicated servers?