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    Audio bug and Visual bug

    The audio bug you can hear some stuff (like slam hack) but you don't hear footsteps or gunshots then a complete separate bug where my screen just shows what appears to be a hyper scape background and doesn't show anything else but i can still move and look around with my character because the compass top of the screen is visible and moves when i move my joystick but all i can see is background of hyper scape building. Got audio bug like 3 times and visual bug 2 or 3 times as well
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    Hey Mixtpersonality!

    The developers are aware of these issues and are looking in to them. If you are able to submit any videos to this thread, feel free as this will be very helpful to them.
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    Thanks for your feedback, we will pass this on to the Hyper Scape team.
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    Hello Contenders,

    Thank you to everyone who has helped report any bugs you have experienced in the game so far.

    Going forward we would like all our players to report on these bugs on our new community bug reporting website here

    This will allow you to know if this issue has already been reported to us and the community, saving you effort to need to answer our questions and provide footage.

    We will be closing this thread in hope you will help us to report these on our new specific bug reporting website, thank you for your help!
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