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    Waiting...for land of lions...hello Annoholics...again.

    how have y'all been? ready for land of lions? it looks awesome! i watched this video and knew i needed this instantly...i can't wait!

    curious if some of the ornaments are usable in the OW and CT (it would be nice if the bright harvest ornaments were available in the NW too!)

    i've been a bit of an Anno-ing busy bee since i was last here in july...when i had only 35k population and finding it hard to produce enough rum and cigars to feed the Anno-ing investors. i've since gone through various stages of lacking goods...but...i kept going, still playing the same game i was playing months ago, nearly 1000 hours listed but honestly, that isnt me sitting infront of the screen the whole time
    Anno will not beat me! lol

    so this is where i am at...no doubt this will turn into a giant epic of a post from me (my bad )...because, i have a lot to share! and only you lot to share it with lol <screenshots included>

    i'm now at 86k population and my production is near on perfect...penny farthings and chocolate being my most recent dilemma. im not into the maths of it all and tend to build as need and keep an eye on it to make sure i've not built too much...which is probably the totally wrong way to do it...but its working for me
    my original plan for my world is making good progress...and a month ago i purchased Cape Treewally...thoroughly enjoying the map and i think i played it just right lol i know a couple of you guys were pushing me into buying it (like yesterday ) but i also knew if i had, i'd have jumped into it feet first and it would've drove me crazy trying to fix the new mess...and i really needed to get what i had built already working the best i could before expanding into a new region, the new world was no way ready for a new region of greedy rum and chocolate grabbers...and i was also holding out for Land of Lions...which i really wanted first, but it has worked out just perfect this way my world is now ready for Land of Lions, and i can't wait. hoping that the bustling city life hits soon too...at least before i'm dead anyway lol

    sooo...i saved the game right before i gained the new region and that massive island, just incase i messed up... love it love it!

    i filled up a dozen ships with building materials and farmer/worker goods and put them on standby. realised i needed a chunk of influence so i reduced to 15 zoo modules, because its the least completed cultural building...botanical garden is completed, i need 15 museum modules, also cleared out the junk from the warehouse and transported everything cultural to Brightsands to make building these buildings a little easier in the future

    i didnt want to build any more investors because i was going to be moving a lot of production over to this new region, especially foundries, mines and investor/engineer goods.
    i finished the campaign for Crown Falls and sent my ships over to the new region, and this is why i needed more influence...i settled all the large islands before Bente even pushed her oar into this new region...i now have 23 islands...Bente has no islands in the NW, 1 in the OW and 3 tiny ones in CT, the other two AIs aren't much better...and i have my beedy eye on their last larger islands also.

    so since i now have CT i have decided that i will make use of the commuter pier and keeping all my people on Crown Falls. i've also placed a couple in the OW just to take the heat off a bit while i was getting CT up and running, i'm really not a fan of them, but for CT they're perfect...i have 714 investors and i am holding back on upgrading one more which would open up the need for members club and cigars...so far the island is half full of all the other tiers to cover the workforce needed on the other islands...and Crown falls is looking a bit of a mess...in my head i know where i am going with it LOL
    very little production staying on crown falls, currently farmer needs and mines/oil only.

    i like to add trees into my fields, i find it helps keeping everything 'square' when you max on the modules and you still have ten squares or so to fill so the road isn't all squiggly, i take modules from the middle and add to the end to square the whole thing off then plant trees...does anyone else use 'Temperate Grove' ornament as much as me?...random palm trees don't quite look right in the NW but its nice to have a random tree or two growing in an OW field...and i doubt i will lack space any time soon. lol

    I have moved production of nearly everything above fur coats from the OW to CT and i'm also filling the needs and happiness requirements, worldwide, nearly 100% on everything, just yesterday getting the chocolate fixed to cover CT without running out at 'Bourneville' when they eventually start grabbing the bars like willy wonker has put a golden ticket in one.
    been constantly low on *caoche (RUBBER!) for about a week now, which i think is going to need a bigger island or ship it from two islands...not sure which way i want to go with it just yet so i'm ok with them running out of penny farthings for now...i'm not sure if its a good idea having penny farthings on the same island as steam carriages though, time will tell.

    i'd rather keep the engineers happy and in a full house more than the investors, which i have learned - it's about the investor building...the giving of influence comes with the house, not the capacity, i don't see the point of having 70 investors in one house when half those investors could be bringing me a little more influence from another house, and as they don't really bring anything else to the table...other than a constant million in the bank...i feel the amount of engineers at this stage is more important than investors, which makes me think twice with who/what i add to the town hall which covers both residents. i'm using max resident people/books on engineers and bonus income/goods supply on investors.

    the last couple of days i have hit close to where i need to be with investors (37k) and engineers (15k) (before Land of Lions hits)
    so thank you guys, i am more than happy with Crown Falls, it has helped my game massively...but i am still glad i held out buying it early on.

    Ditchwater has had a massive overhaul and the only part that looks like it did in July, is the bottom right corner of residents...now investors...the last riot they had was about not having any bustling city life decorations and the only street lights were still covered in Christmas decorations :/ (and where are the columns the guy in the video ^ is talking about which apparently come with seat of power?)
    did you know the clock on the harbour warehouse tells the correct time? i noticed that for the first time last night...
    (choo choo included, for effect )

    the only production left on Ditchwater is the brick and concrete factories, most of the mines and the sand mines, which are also giving me gold and tallow...i'm making good use of the free stuff, shipping it all over the place on the 152 trade ships and 20 war ships...and occasionally the new diving bell boat 'dusky hawk' which has got me a couple of nice things, but i'm not spending nearly as much time diving as i should.
    yes, i have gone a bit nuts with ships...and i think this is stupidly normal for this game...cant get everything on one ship...currently have 7 cargos transporting coffee to the two main islands in the OW...the shipping menu is as ever, a complete mess...and i waste way too much time fannying around in this part of the game...and it is never right...as much as i love this game...i really do hate this part of it...not the playing with it, but that it needs so much work and you can't even jump to a ship from this menu...to find a transporting ship i need to look at, i have to pause the ship...and wait...mostly forget why i paused it because i got distracted somewhere else...its a bit of a pain, so i figured id just load up on building ships and go massive! its working...complicated...but...works lol

    oh...my palace, i love it...but i wish i could over ride the wings and place them as blueprints instead of doing what i have done to mark out a bunch of wings i know i will be placing in time...but it is certainly better than realising in a few months that i have to delete a bunch of stuff just to make the wings fit...i have a bit of a head start and always intended for Ditchwater to be without production and a massive bunch of cultural buildings. Brightsands was to hold the majority of population (but this was before Crown Falls fell into my computer)
    the green space in the middle is for the new residents from Land of Lions...and then, i think my Ditchwater will then look like it does in my head. it wasn't until watching that video ^ that i realised that the new resident tier will be in the OW and this will have a big impact on how Ditchwater was initially planned...so today i decided to sort out the entire island population and make room for the new guys...

    this is what Ditchwater National Park looks like today. this took some moving and is a long way off finished ;p there wont be much green left by the time i have finished...spread all the modules out and going to add many decorations and pavements eventually, currently its getting the lay out how i want it...getting enough space between the modules but not so much it will look stupidly massive...but Ditchwater was always about the cultural buildings.

    Brightsands is coming along nicely...but i do have a few too many factories on this island, the lightbulbs come from here and the buildings are constantly blowing up, even though there's a bunch of fire stations around, every day there is one or two factory fires, same with my brass production...when was asbestos invented, could sure do with this product. lol
    i've no idea how i want Brightsands to develop yet...17k investors and 6k engineers

    so much space i don't know what to do with it (and some more coming in a couple of weeks - awesome!)

    so...in a nut shell...this is my world!

    loving this anno like it was the first time i found 1404
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    Land of Lions will change the whole landscape in a huge way. We get the option to grow coffee, cotton and rum in the old world. This means that it is much more efficient to move the production there. The new world will be the place to produce your Willy Wonka bars and rubber. The option to change your fertilities can also mean that you will shift a lot of farms to other islands. The same is true for your mines. Now you can make e.g. an island dedicated for steel production with only coal and iron mines. In short, a lot what you build can be build better with Land of Lions at a different place. This means a lot of replacing.
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    the cotton thing tickles me...i grew up under the shadow of what was once the tallest free standing chimney in Europe, still standing tall for a cotton mill in the 1800s, which is now rather expensive apartments...why the fabric cannot be produced in the old world baffles me.
    two large islands for steel/iron bars and brass would be pretty cool...seems i don't need so much limestone, it would be nice to replace those with copper or zinc...although CT has given me quite enough of those...its now just getting the shipping right so each production gets what they need...scattered across worlds isn't really so fun and uses nearly 20 ships...not including the gold ore!
    i think i am a bit of a dab hand at replacing and moving things by now...i quite enjoy it...knowing at the start of this game that - everything you build, you will demolish and build elsewhere quite a few times before you get it how you would've liked it at the start...has been a tip worth remembering...nothing stays the same...just looking through a bunch of older screenshots of 'how we used to live' on Ditchwater shows this.
    btw, if you have an interest in the industrial revolution, a tv show called 'how we used to live' will take you back to this time in Yorkshire, England...the hub of the industrial revolution in my opinion lol its quite old...i remember it from school lol

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    My strategie with regard to farm islands is that in the beginning I copy a standard village on an island with just farmers and then I copy / paste the whole island full with e.g. grain fields and warehouses. It is then not the most efficient layout but but in less then 5 minutes I have the island working. Later in the game I start to optimize the islands for maximum production. So then I introduce railroads, fuel stations, tractors, trade unions, items, etc. Often I can then also remove the village or a large part of it because I don't need a workforce anymore.

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    pretty cool island there. id like to eventually keep the farms to the edges of the island, that makes perfect sense

    it looks like peppers your growing? mine all come from my free supplies from the NW, although just checking my production, it looks like i will have to build a couple of pepper farms and artisanal kitchens in CT soon, Ditchwater and Brightsands are getting just enough to keep the warehouses full.

    at the start, i try to use the free workforce, i think i have 200 on each island now...i'll get the basic production up and running, maxing the free population.
    i like to keep my population tight and blocky on most islands, but Ditchwater and Brightsands are for spreading out lol Ditchwater is going to be less 'blocky' than any island...its all about aesthetics, culture and nature there

    the blockiness of this game kinda reminds me of spain.
    i'd prefer to keep it to islands which i don't really care that much about...throw down population, give them their needs and keep them happy...and add production...and hopefully forget about it for a while...so i can sit in the valley in Ditchwater and smell the roses LOL

    the NW i am a little more careful with layout, because even though i have most of the islands, space is low, the rivers make it harder to plan anything tbh...but, most of my NW islands are kinda 'tidy and blocky' because of space.

    my busiest island for production is now looking a bit crowded so i did get sunken treasures just in time...this island was supposed to be beer and bread only but sewing machines, fur dealers and hunters got a bit much elsewhere so i plopped everything here while i plan CT and removed production from Ditchwater...the hunters have made it to CT so far, a few too many too lol they take up so much space and are crap with a trade union (if you know a good layout...let me know lol)

    between the three regions, i set up new islands differently...i'm trying to use commuter piers only in CT, keeping all my population on CF. but i'll max the free population before i add a pier. in the OW, both Brightsands and Ditchwater have investors, one other island has artisans and the rest are farmer/worker islands, three islands without population and few production buildings.
    i don't have a choice but to work without commuters in the NW lol so each NW island has population and the basic supplies, a couple are supplied up to bombins and sewing machines.
    in the OW it is becoming harder to work without commuters, but hopefully i won't go too crazy and keep to good planning so i can remove them soon... sorting out my OW bread/beer island will make things in the OW a little easier as i wont need artisans on this island. CT has certainly helped with what i can put where...even temporarily until i work out where its forever home will be.

    i'm not interested in seeing how many investors i can have on one island all living in 2x3 rows and blocks...but i would like to activate 'right to remain' in the palace, which sends my influence into minus 420, so my next goal is to build enough investors to cover the needed influence (caused by the museum policy) i have enough ships and don't need turrets, harboumasters and piers everywhere, so no need to waste influence there... hopefully i will get to activate 'right to remain' before Land of Lions arrives, and i'll probably use a chunk of influence settling most of the islands in LoL before the AIs lol

    i might wait til thanksgiving and see if its cheaper in a blackfriday sale?

    (cant help thinking Anno is Laughing out Loud at us with the DLC title though * LoL * )
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    Nice stuff going on your islands POPPYTAT and also congratulations for going to Cape Trelawney! It sure is a great place and for me the best map to build and test out all kind of things without running out of space really Probably the best things for LOL is that it comes tomorrow I actually can not wait for it to launch!

    Personally I am planning to run LOL with my current save, that has around 157k population. That might go lower as there will be a high need for engineers to support the scholars, so I might downgrade some of the investor houses to get more engineers back. But for now I keep the population as it is and decide to change things when LOL actually launches (in less then 24h!! Can't wait lol !!).

    In the past vew days I made some preperations in claiming some more islands, constructing more (air)ships and also relocate/store goods to ''session hub'' islands to make travel times shorter between the sessions.

    Here is my hub island in Cape Trelawney where old world goods will be transported to the new LOL region. This island will also be used to store the goods the old world (or scholars) need from the LOL region. And because I won't place any production buildings I instead placed down some gardens and universities to decorate the island a little. I'm still looking for a better name for this island, so any suggestions are most welcome!

    My industry island also has seen some more improvement. There are now more production buildings for glass and glasses. The clay and wood also comes from this island and some other islands in the Cape to support the needs of the new inhabitants in LOL.

    The same thing I did for the new world productions, where I placed down some more farms to support the needs in those goods.

    This is also one of the islands in the new world where I made use of tractors and trade unions to speed up the production, and also lower the needed workforce.

    And as final thing, I started construction more and more airships that I will be using to move goods around much quicker. My current fleet is 2x4 airships, 4 for both the old world and the new world, but if needed I bumb it up to 5 or 6 airships for each region. Besides the airships I will also be using regular ships and also warships if needed for the new questline(s) that comes with LOL.

    Oh and the LOL title is a nice pun, I have not thought of that yet, but now you mentioned it I can't look around it anymore
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    Hey, Captain! i was beginning to think everyone had deserted me lol

    Thankyou for your comment, and pictures (got a few of my own lol, Anno Online was much better while people could actually visit your islands and give opinions and advise and there was a whole chat thingy which was great!...but..non of that with anno1800, which is a shame i enjoyed the interativness of Anno Online... overloading with pictures is defo needed here...
    Always loved your world. though i'm about 60K behind your population, jumping between 87k and 91k which is mostly because of electricity, unfortunatly i havent quite got the hang of the railways but am heading for 2 more palace wings (54)
    my world is already eating into engineers and its kinda killing me because i added a couple of commuters to the OW just to help out while i worked on CT, it has now become a bit of a permanent need, which i really didn't want...so i have basically given myself a whole bunch of work fixing that...but...there is always something else so it is a slow job there lol i have too much workforce on Brightsands for my liking and would like to have everything which the artisan workforce is making, moved to CT rather than on Brightsands, which is slowly progressing, with way too many ships, how many do you have? and how many do you need to ship coffee??
    still wish i could move the graveyard and/or build one of my own

    i too am going to play LOL on the game i have been playing since i started...though if my PC starts crashing more than normal, i might restart a new campaign, which i don't really want to, but if i do, i'll be sure to build where the Court of Justice is automatically placed, just to see what happens, if it get put somewhere else...
    i still need to increase some influence so i can go into the LOL and settle as many islands as i can before the AIs get them all and it gets more expensive and drawn out buying their shares...need more ships there lol so i'm not going to rush buying the DLC this evening...although, ive sorted some ships out to carry building materials into the region asap
    i've not made a hub island as such, i'm going to wait until the game chooses which island it wants to use...like it did with the NW and CT... hopefully it will be the one which was going to be my CT cannery/sausages island (Embessahub) as a mini hub, a video i watched said clay/bricks and glass will be needed, i already produce a ton of those and have started moving these productions to Embessahub just in case...this island is the closest to the bottom right of the region, as luck would have it, i already had glass producing on the OW island closest to the LOL region, and if i remember, one of them has 4 clay spots. ok, i get the time it takes to ship to another region, (but, gonna have to get used to it anyway...CT is only about 10mins, and the NW is about 20 mins, so i'm reckoning LOL is going to be around 15 mins...would be silly to make it longer than the NW because of quests being an hour long...just thinking outloud there lol) and besides...anno time is not the same as normal time...10 mins share purchase takes at least 18 mins
    Island names...lmao...i googled island names generator and it came up with one used for animal crossing (what are adults playing these days LMAO have they not heard of this beautiful game? numpties lol) i'm having difficulty picking names also, trying to use things which have something to do with the island production, like my beer island is called boddington (manchester uk), my steel production is called shefferton after sheffield uk, the best steel in the world champagne is produced on Rheims Cove...obviously! and chocolate is called bourneville, because hersheys isnt chocolate...it's crap! LOL but, its hard...wandering winos was a bit much...also think more letters would be better so i can have a reasonable length in name, and be able to add something which would help me distinguish between the regions/islands in the shipping pages, because the shipping has always sucked...and every little helps.

    Since Bright harvest my islands have much improved...mainly because of the clothes lines and flat bed trucks i quickly found not to add a silo and tractor barn to every farm and field...as it completely messed up my oil shipping really quick...so all my islands which produce oil have 3100 storage and every spare drop gets shipped to 1 island in the NW and then distributed across the regions, i think Ditchwater and Brightsands are now above 15 tankers each! but now it all seems to be running smoothly. but really...do we have to have so many firestations just to keep the risk down? some islands are ridiculous for the amount of fire and police stations they need. i can't wait for the LOL researchers to fix where i can put oil wells and clay pits...that is going to be a massive help! along with changing mines deposits, although i have quite enough now...its the shipping of it across regions thats eating about 20 ships...admit...i need to fiddle around in there a little more than what feels like hours i already spend in there LOL

    i'd love airships ( i live not far from where Hindenburg came down)
    The Passage will just have to wait, i think more talk of there not being a third DLC may push me into getting it, once i am settled with what i already have...although, i am yet to read an actual message or article from the anno team which says for sure...no more DLCs...the only thing i have read, which comes close is that LOL is the THIRD and final part of the second DLC and i cant help thinking that it got misread and then chinese whispers started and this some how mixed up into people thinking it meant there wasn't going to be a third DLC...or at least that's what i am hoping
    i know i do the right thing for me when it comes to buying DLCs, i know i would rush in and make a mess and more work...so if i try to restrict myself from buying and adding it then i wont be tempted to break everything because i am being too focused on the new DLC...like i am doing now with CT...i think giving myself the goal of waiting til thanksgiving is probably a bit excessive...i wanted LOL when i got the game and because it wasn't yet released, that is why i ended up buying the DLCs all separately...which up to now i think i saved money by waiting for sales...so i am hoping they have a reasonable price for this DLC or it will be thanksgiving for me.

    besides this...i went for a walk ...heard so much about the trails on CT i had to go find them, it would've been easier if someone actually posted where would be a good place to start the FPV, i tried so many times to get myself up to the castle without walking there...but before i found that trail, i had walked the entire base of the mountain range trying to find it...that was a long day and i forgot to pack sandwiches...and now have blisters (on my thumb and ring finger lol)

    bet it took a long time to stack stones this high...reminded me of a stream i visited in switzerland lol

    i only got half way, to the big lake in the middle and got lost...ended up turning back and not realising it until i walked miles...turned round and went back the way i came and got myself turned around again so i gave up...but i did find the cave!

    the picture of the view of Crown Falls is what it looked like before i came down the mountain with a pick axe and rebuilt it all...blocky...i hate blocks...nothing hurts me more than to build CF all blocky, but i think it is a necessary evil at the moment...there is so much going on, it is just easier...and so it was, after i moved all the residences, i saw exactly what public services i had placed...god, what a mess even now i have it in blocks, its still hard to get everything covered with what they need...and i want all green bars...no blue bars LOL (i want my investors going towards the big lake and the rest of them sprawled towards that coast.

    got my CT population perfect, only have people on this island, sticking at 714 investors, don't need them grabbing more from the stores than they need atm.

    i have no idea why all my animals are hiding in mixed groups

    and this is my first, fully filled, complete island, called Tortuga (TORTilla) yes i know its an obvious name lol
    producing fried plantains, ponchos and tortilla...and all made easier with Mr Nates machine robot thingy, this island is producing the basic needs for the rest of the NW, and also throwing out sugar, cotton, cocoa, rum, caouch, sails, work clothes and fur coats. also -100% workforce making ponchos, - 70% workforce making fried plantains, and -90% making tortillas...got my population down low, and am now looking at placing a town hall or two to drop it even further...i never really looked at the books offered by Eli, a month or so ago i started buying up lots...theres some hidden gems in there. i remember reading a post about one players game, he had managed to run a few islands with full production and 0 population...id like some of that lol
    anyways...half the morning missing now...and all that CT work is being neglected.

    have a nice day and good luck with LOL
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    oh boy...a little too much influence spent on ships me thinks
    had a quick wizz through the shipping menu, again...and freed up these ships, i think there may be a couple more i could swap around...going to keep half of these, just incase i get way too tempted tonight...

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    This harbor and the entire island is really neat.

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    cheers Sir Q,
    in a couple of days i might get around to sorting the population with the town halls, i have a couple of +50% workforce for the Os and +30 max resident books for the Js...the harbour area will change a little, the houses a bit more central, and add some ornaments etc, and move the oil storage to the other beach bringing the main harbour building here, its a little further for the ships but i think im ok with a couple of minutes delayed shipping for the sake of aesthetics lol...though i'm not sure if i can loose 2 fish oil factories as yet.
    hows things with your world?
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