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    Bit of a late response, been into building a lot with the new dlc LOL! Absolutely love it so far! I kinda messed up all the questlines and was not able to unite the LOL. The story with all the questlines was kind of overwhelming for me as you also have to build up stuff and neet to get used to the new session with all added features but I somehow managed to 'complete' it yesterday.

    Also I miss the time of anno online, it was such a nice game and also really cool to visit other players islands. I had a guild there and also finished some of the bigger monuments on the different isladns. Sad that it's gone now, at least we have our memories (although I don't mind if anno 1800 is going online, that would be a great thing too). But in online aspects... theres multiplayer in anno 1800, never tried that out but what I've seen it looks fun, playing against eachother or join together and play against the AI.

    Since I have scholars I now also have the problem that my engineers are not enough, I need them to help conduct research but also to produce goods the scholars need. And I still need the investors for the influence to place down townhalls and trade unions to optimize populations and productions, and that is something I have planned to do the comming days. To optimize the influence economy and relocate stuff to make it more efficient. After that I might move some houses to place the scholars more central in CT, as I really want them central and not in the edge of the map where I can't really optimize them to the fullest. Currently I have 5685 scholars and they keep growing I'm also using this savegame to reach the achievement to have 25000 scholars, but I think that might take me longer then it took me to reach 50k investors achievement, but I like to try it anyways
    Right now this is my population in CT

    I had above 100k investors but I downgraded some to get more engineers back for the research boost they give to the scholars. The new production buildings you get are also really awesome (and huge!) I'm sure going to optimize them and relocate them on a later point, probably to my industry island. Already was lucky to get a legendary person that boosts the bootmakers, no more need for sanga cows and extra tailored suits!

    And I have to say the scholars are the most loved thing for me that came with the LOL dlc (lol). I always liked the architect/art looks from the university building, and now theres a complete new addition with a larger building, the research institute and ofcourse the amazing looking scholar houses! I wrapped some screenshots of them in the spoiler
    Spoiler:  Show

    The plaza in front of the university is a placeholder for the not yet released (currently locked) radiotower that unlocks at 7k scholars.

    My coffee production is currently looking a bit too much, as I started using some items in townhalls that reduces the needs of coffee (by 30% from the passage dlc) and lately I also run some propaganda that reduces the needs by another 30%. Withouth the propaganda and items in townhalls I actually use up all the coffee I produce. But now with the scholars I'm now also producing coffee in CT and I plan to have more coffee being produced in the old world.

    For the transportation I use 5 airships and 8 cargo ships, both the islands have about 4k storage, so when they both are full I remove the propaganda consumption and then it lasts quite long. Actually I never ran out of coffee, but I always keep an eye out on the new world goods to see if all needs for consumption are achieved.

    The Burkhards trail is quite a nice walk! Done it a vew times and always find new things to see along the route The views you get are amazing! And you also have some nice planning going on in CT, that city layout looks really cool same thing for your Tortuga island in the NW, it looks awesome!
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    Now a vew more hours later and made some changes. Biggest one for me was to relocate the worlds fair and the palace. I swapped them around so the palace was more central so it reaches further into CT. This also made it possible to have my trade unions further uphil in the north while still in range of the bonusses from the palace. This made it possible for me to relocate my scholars to a new location. And so far I'm quite happy with the results. Just over 10k scholars inside the townhall range!

    I have two people that increases the max residents of the scholars, so I hope to have another 10k scholars at the townhall to the left, then I only need to fill up the spaces with another 5k and then I've reached the 25k for the achievement

    The radio tower looks really cool too! Really wish you could listen to radio 180.0 lol Theres now also citizens giving out quests that gives you some nice powers, i've done a vew of them and they are quite fun but hard to do (finding 3 or 7 items on the streets in a huge city/island as CT is near impossible)

    Here are some more overview shots of my CT:

    And as final thing, thanks to the research institute I finally can get my hands on some cool legendary people I've never had before

    Really wonder what unique specialists might come once I have her
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    oh boy, you must've been up all night getting as far as you have got...it all looks fantastic!
    i love the research building, it reminds me of a building i know...i think in Manchester, UK...can't pin point the place exactly but it will come to me lol

    i tried so hard to put off getting this, but i just don't have the will power with most things Anno.

    an Anno Online player? awesome, nice to meet someone from that game, our guild kept in touch for months after, but as usual...real life happens...i remember building a hedge all the way round my main island...and those things were really hard to come by...i loved the cathedral, based on the massive gothic one in Koln, it took forever to build...kinda like building the World Fair.
    I am interested in playing a multiplayer, finding a couple of players who don't want to continually fight and who has an interest for the 'long game' would be nice...just to build, and check out each others islands, ?trade? and chat etc

    in the couple of days leading up to the release of LOL, i worked a lot in the NW, it has been totally neglected the whole game, throwing things down knowing i was going to have to spend quite a few hours sorting it out didn't make me plan these islands any better...but since i sorted out the basic goods with Tortuga, i have been able to remove all this production from the rest of the islands and spend some time tidying them up...this has led to quite a decrease in Os and Js, and now i am producing way too many basic goods LOL i just cant win at this can i !! but, most of my NW islands have had their population cut in half, a few TUs removed and i managed to place a couple of THs which got filled with workforce reducers, its also opened up a lot of space and has made things a lot easier to plan, and now the NW is kinda sorted, its made it a little easier to deal with the workload from Embessa...so its all worked out quite well.

    Santa Belina is cotton plantation, and i have plenty of room to remove the fabric producers and the bombins from La isla to this island

    La Isla is one of my Rum islands, but currently has cotton fabric and bombins produced, i can move sugar cane here and that will free up my second rum island.

    and Tortuga...now with less residents.
    sorting out the NW has also pushed me into doing more treasure hunts for Nate, finding the blue scrap so i can build lots of robots...because without Nate and his robots, none of what i did in the NW would've been possible.

    i worked my way through the quest, i also took screenshots of the story, i might share later i thought it was a bit long, but i won't complain, because i go on and on and on too lol, but i enjoyed it...then when i arrived in Embessa, everything started coming at me all at once, from the slowness of the quest to the speed of which all these new people were talking to me, it got a little confusing and i felt like restarting it a couple of times...i did save game before and after the quest and i did intend to restart the quest today, just playing last night to get a feel for it. woke up this morning to full stores and not a single crash, (24 hours since i installed LOL and not one crash! me so happy )
    so i have continued with the same game. and so far it is going ok...typically distracted too much with this new region, i'm not visiting the other regions unless i get notified my cities have ruins (thankyou!) i think some time is needed there but i just can't pull myself away lol, i know things are going slightly off balanced over in the other regions... i knew this would happen lol, and is why i wanted to hold off buying this...(damn you ANNO for putting temptation infront of me lol)

    there are a couple of things added in the update i think are pretty handy, the choice of goods up at the top of the window, where i have put the main island goods i will be producing there...makes it a whole lot easier to see what i am using that island for.

    the shipping lists, showing which regions the ships are in and what's in their cargo, and that you can choose which island to send the ship to, considering that shipping in Anno is a massive part of the game, and the shipping issues within the game have been around forever, maybe they should hire someone from a shipping corporation to give them an idea on how to run a logistics corporation. (i am sure Maersk wouldn't have been in business for over 100 years if they relied on what we have to use LMAO)

    we no longer have to return continually to regions just to see who is waiting to be let in...this really made my game drag and sometimes would crash switching regions.

    and that my city has ruins and i get taken straight there, but am curious if it has a back list or just takes you to the most recent ruin?

    I did get a bit miffed to find out i had sent 6 cargos full of timber, bricks, steel and glass, only to find out i need none of them to settle islands, and before i got myself sorted and worked out that i needed to get to elders before i could even prepare for mass island takeover, Bente and Willie were begging me to let them settle...big fat no! they got nothing until i was ready...and now Willie doesn't have an island, Bente has 2 and Quig has 1.
    Cape Treewally was taken this way and it probably gave me the idea to try it with Embessa, and because CT and OW are both the same climates, i don't know why it never occurred to me that Embessa would require different products, my bad if anyone thought of the same, i know one person did, i read it on twitch lol.
    i think if you leave settling too long, Nomads move in pretty quickly, they've settled on 1 island as i was sending a ship there, i didn't notice beforehand if it were settled, and i'm not sure if they were the ones who attacked one of my ships, by the time i got there to see who it was, the ship was gone...(i don't do war and refuse escort quests unless it has something good on offer.)
    i am happy i have 8 islands in Embessa, i know its a bit excessive and i wont be keeping all of them, i thought it was a good idea to do it this way so i could have the pick of them, with water being scarce...also i don't have to go through all that time wasting buying shares. it just got a little Anno-ying refusing the three AIs pleas lol

    i no longer have a zoo...and i am quickly burning through all the influence i got from it.

    at first i was irrigating the land through the houses because i thought they needed water too...some of the houses have green trees, and some are brown...it never occured to me that this was normal until i built about 50 houses, all supplied with water...and the trees never turned green...so rebuild needed...and this was the first rebuild of a couple LOL
    i threw everything down on the main island and explored the world, trying to work out which island to use for what, and typically Anno - gorgeous buildings i love the lobster pots.
    i'm not sure yet how i want to play this region, but i'm thinking of moving all the crops onto outer islands and shipping them to the main island, producing the main goods there and shipping back to them...i know i will be moving and rebuilding things a thousand times before i will be happy, so as yet...i am making a bit of a mess, a bit like the NW LOL, and in the other regions they're catching onto this mess and screaming for coffee, iron ore and penny farthings, which i think is mostly down to the shipping because i know i am producing enough and before long i will have more ships than a shipping corporation like Maersk

    reading what you say about needing more engineers, i think i should slow down a bit and bring scholars into the OW gradually, i dont have many spare engineers, maybe a couple of thousand, mostly on Brightsands, which because i am wanting to move most of the artisan and above production from Brightsands to CT this might mess up bringing Scholars in just now, i have a space cleared for them on Ditchwater...i just hope its enough, i think i will wait to see what 25K scholars looks like, when you get there congrats on getting this far in what? 30 hours? lol
    i don't even have 100K population yet...just under 37k investors...so i think it will be a while before i get even close to the amount of scholars you have right now lol <love the spoilers>

    the stupid amounts of coffee is what i am looking forward to with the research side of LOL...being able to produce goods from the NW in the OW will make things so much easier, i think there is something with cotton? for the scholar clothing i think?

    i don't have any propaganda, i don't have the anarchist and i rarely even look at the newspaper...i need to work on this, i just don't want the Anarchist DLC at all.
    all in all, i think LOL is the best yet...i have spent thousands already at the palace buying up things for the cultural buildings back on Ditchwater...now, minus the Zoo lol which was probably a bit stupid considering Embessa is full of many African animals i could display...once i am sorted with which islands i am keeping i will rebuild the zoo and try to complete my cultural buildings...but for influence...investors...scholars...trade unions...town halls...its really really hard to balance it and use it the best way...typically Anno-ying...if it isn't one thing...it's another...and now...its Embessa! LOL
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    ill catch up with your following post in a few...(i write too much!)
    ♪♫...a whimaway....a whimaway♪♫

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    not too happy about this...preferred the ? showing.

    also not happy that i crashed...twice, in 10 mins...after saying how happy i was about no crash lol and this is why i am here...now...

    reading the followup, i think you have just pushed me into rethinking Ditchwater ^^^...i already moved the palace, world fair and cultural buildings, the space i made was originally for another bunch of investors, the engineers who would've become them have been sitting patiently top right of Ditchwater for a few months now, but i took my time removing all the industry i had over on the left side, this is where CT came into play i didn't know anything about scholars when i started moving stuff around a few weeks ago, i guess i just timed it right for LoL this clearing seems like a perfect place for the scholars, but if only 10k inside 1 townhall, this space won't cut it... it'll fit the 10k and a few around the edges no problem, but that'll be it for Ditchwater population...only other thing i can do with Ditchwater is to shrink down the space used for the cultural buildings, which i really don't want to do, because now their are even more things to add, and the space i have already given was to cover the additional space needed in the future, that's why they're all spread out taking up the whole left side of Ditchwater...it was always my intention, wasnt my intention to remove the zoo though lol....you've brought it into perspective lol.
    gawd my head hurts now lol
    Brightsands is going to need a massive overhaul now...<where is a good emoji when you need one lol>

    awesome, you made Elise...she is definitely needed here, but for me it means bringing in some drink production and i'm still thinking about whether or not i want production on Ditchwater, got a couple of building materials factories left to clear out, except for i decorated all around them already and can't bring myself to delete just yet lol.
    she would work really well on that island...no point sticking her on some back water island with minimum attraction...pretty cool that the devs have done this though...now we can do less expeditions

    i don't know for sure, but i think it says in the start up screen with the tips, that it isn't about the position of the palace, but how many wings...but again, i read or a youtuber said about the palace needing to be near the coastline to cover the Harbor masters, which should also be on the coastline and not in the sea to cover one of the policies, i think the final one?...so, its kinda conflicting information for me, personally i am more likely to believe its about the amount of wings...rather than position, i'll look out for the start up tip to check, i could be wrong though lol...but i planted mine 'near' the coast and central and marked out enough space for quite a few wings...i doubt i will ever complete the palace...especially as it increases with population. btw, do you know if there is a way to by pass the lock on the wings so it can be built in blueprint format?

    so this radio tower is what was being built on that plaza? is this what you need to activate that FPV thingy...where you can walk up to a person and they give you a quest? that's pretty cool, have you watercannoned anyone yet?

    there must be a whole bunch of new keyboard shortcuts for FPV somewhere? found a couple - 'spacebar' is jump and 'enter' is...well...try it lol

    noticed something else, it might be a good thing having the visitors popup...but its now on a timer , no going to the bathroom or making a cuppa incase you miss a visitor lol

    Ditchwater is currently driving me nuts with its royal taxes, my balance is going up and down like a yo-yo and i have no idea why but each time it settles down, it around 4k less than the last time it stopped...a few times an hour my balance is dropping, its a long time since i've seen it go so fast, its dropped over 50k in about 2 days...i'm not sure if i should start panicking yet...not checking the paper because he will only call me an idiot again lol


    i missed dinner lol

    love it!
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    My apologies if I don't respond/reply on everything. But I'll try my best Also, I've send you some tips through pm in uplay chat about the engineers requirements for conducting research.

    Looking at your NW islands make me want to go back there and revisit the islands to make them as clean looking as yours! Most my NW islands are messy with everything cramped in small places to make use if every tile to put farmfields on... But theres so much to do right now, it's difficult to choose on what to focus on first

    About the visitors, there is now a setting in the options menu to auto-accept all visitors. That way theres even no need to accept/decline them. Although I still prefer to see what people visit my islands, and since I have 'Elise ''the nose'' Bouquet' I have only seen unique specialists visiting CT So if you can get her, I would recommend to get her asap

    And for the ruins, theres a shortkey that lets you visit the ruined building directly, it's the 'J' key. You can press that key as long you like, and it also swaps through all the sessions, as long there are ruins there. I just check if I have ruins every 20-30minutes with a single pres of a button

    Thanks to the research institute you don't need the anarchist active in your savegame, all the items you normally get from him can be researched there. And I already made use of that as he has items that lowers workforce need and increases production speed etc. Very usefull for the trade unions.

    And a final thing to research/complete asap is the 'Gods of the Delta Exhibition'. It's an museum collection that has 3 items from LOL that once completed gives you +30 attractiveness and +10 influence for every townhall and trade union on the island! It depends on how many you have of both on the island, but once I completed that set I gained about 500 influence from the set :O

    For today I have done a lot with the research institute and almost unlocked everything it has to offer lol. Also very happy to now have the specialist 'Anna Union, engineer of extravagant steamers'. Now I can finaly construct the extravaganza steamer myself without waiting for the pirates to sell them
    Spoiler:  Show

    I can now also build the royal ship of the lines

    Almost unlocked everything there is to start researching, but now it is getting quite costly on the research points...

    Besides doing all these researches I also spend lots of time completing the musea and zoo items I missed. And spend my gained influence on placing down all these items for a full zoo and museums:

    And also did some work at my palace. The palace was first at the spot where the worlds fair is now located. I swapped them around and also placed a botanical garden and musea inside of it. It is not yet finished, but hope to complete it someday lol

    Finally my progression on the OW coffee and cotton productions, I moved both to other trade unions and placed my best specialist with them to boost the production up even further:

    As long you produce plenty of malt then the advanced coffee roasters are the best buildings to produce coffee with

    Same thing for the Tailor's shop (my now favorite looking industry building), since they need cotton I also placed the advanced cotton mill besides them as they gain the same boosts with the items I use in the trade union:

    This is how my CT island currently looks like:

    That's it for now, tomorrow starts my workweek so have les time to build on my cities, except for the evenings. But I will do my best to respond on some more of your questions soon either through the forum here or the uplay chat. For now I wish you happy building and enjoy the game
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    its fine, 12 years married, i'm used to talking to myself ha lol and anyway, sometimes i am slow to respond too, mostly because a post takes forever...i got a lot to say and no one to say it to lol so unfortunatly, the residents of this forum have to put up with my prattling on, i'd like to think some of my posts help someone get an idea or two

    in the NW, i was way too lazy, and its kinda happening with Embessa, throwing things down to fill the immediate needs with the attitude - i'll go back later and better place things...but...with the NW it never really happened and it really needs it. since BH i've only been popping in there to fix what production was lacking/breaking...around the arrival of BH, the tobacco island had just come into my possession and coffee and chocolate were kinda hard to keep on top of, so i had to split up the two productions and take over another island to move the chocolate to, and again...it all mostly got thrown down...the NW really needed some time spent on it...also, with the rise and fall of residents, the needs have changed somewhat (there is less need to transport sewing machines and beer now, so i think it was a good idea to at least straighten up a couple of islands before i venture too much into LoL. i think i have managed to sort out at least 3 NW islands these past few days, so they are doing only what i intended for them at the beginning.
    yesterday i was forced into sorting out the Caoctchocho (rubber lol) and iron, penny fathings have been causing a problem for a couple of weeks now...since i jumped from 40k to 90k its to be expected...this has been my biggest challenge yet...both iron ore and rubber were lacking. even though all my iron is being transported to the two islands which are using the bulk of it, it wasn't enough...and obviously if i was running out of iron, it would make Anno sense that the rubber would be lacking also, i had doubled the production of penny farthings and i was constantly running out of them...these Annolites should go back to school and learn how to look after their things better lol
    so i now have electricity powering a couple of mines, that's a first for my game, i can't wait til i can bunch the mines together and place a TU with them.
    although i don't need much coal, i planted a bunch of charcoal kilns around a TU and placed the park ranger who gives 'rubber' i should sell the coal produced here because the free stuff doesn't happen if the stores are full, maybe demolish a mine or two and ship it...but this was only to give a small boost of a little rubber if there was hard times ahead lol i tried to get as many as i could inside the catchment circle, the outer ones are producing 80%+ and the inner ones over 65%+ and they're throwing out rubber every couple of cycles...it would be nice to have an island wide, but limited amount, specialist for the kiln and hunter cabin, or just make them better producers...like give the hunter a crossbow and the park ranger a swiss cheese plant or something lmao they're so hard to cover with a TU.
    not long after i had finished, the three islands with engineers/investors on were back to full stores...so it was worth the time spent doing this.

    she was positivity screeching about having to get back to work again lol

    the rubber island is also my oil hub in the NW and is constantly full (4100) having another oil pier or two would be nice, it gets kinda crammed up there sometimes...it is also the island Prosperity from the campaign. nearly every farm has a tractor barn and its not even causing a dent on the oil useage. i have one more thing to do on this island which is fill the town hall with workforce reducers...and maybe fill what space that's left with some random production like cotton to ship to Scholars.

    finally i placed a museum with 'origins of mankind' on display for the extra 5% production across the island...i'm proper impressed i thought of that

    this morning i went back to check on it and found i had built these farms around a TU and forgot to add items...so i have even more space now lol...another day i will finish it off. productivity is now at 75% and with the museum...i think it will be a while before i run out of rubber again lol also free OW goods, including potatoes...which is a little handy to ship to an island i have a few farmers hanging out...without potato crop but a schnapps...i really need to go back and work on the farmer/worker needs too...that production is scattered all over the place and the NW is getting crammed with free OW crops.

    so i have completed the quest up to where Archie arrives in Embessa...now i know why i couldn't settle that island because of nomads being there...he needs an island so i guess it was a good idea for the devs to lock at least one island for him...well planned lol like most of this game.
    i got the plans for the research building and have planted it on Ditchwater...it is currently paused at phase 3 because i am now thinking if it would be better on Crown Falls, it makes sense to place it on Crown Falls just because of the volume of engineers you can build there, and as i don't have much room left for engineers on Ditchwater and i don't feel like working on Brightsands just yet, i'm going to leave it paused for a while longer while i make up my mind lol i still have OW production to move before i should decide.
    having CT really does help so much with LoL just for that massive island being full of engineers...again...you have made me rethink my gameplay...thanks for that LOL

    i saw this guy in FPV had a quest star, asked me to find some crates, do i need to wander the streets looking for them or come back to city view and find them? i didn't know, so i was jumping all over the place to see if i could spot a place holder...nope...it has to be really hard and a long way to do a quest if you have to walk the streets of a massive city like yours...or SirQs...

    i love your Zoo and Museum picture, and am thinking of rebuilding the museum and botanical garden as a block...but i hate blocks so much, which is why i spread out, which isn't the most efficient way to use space lol i found the paving inside the cultural buildings decoration menu very handy to space out the pieces and i can decorate in between...more so when bustling city life hits the streets...can't wait for that...i'm all about the decorations lol Anno online i was always screaming for hedges...more, more...give us more!!
    i don't know why but i'm not really a fan of the Zoo, but Embessa has found me a new love...it is just so big and hard to complete...and now with this stupid - lets show everything...i'll be getting more and more duplicates unless i take more time checking what i have and don't have, i wish that would be put back to how it was.
    i don't know how big the palace gets, but i assume it will be quite big and if it is population based, i'll never complete it...if i can get my population to a comfortable amount so that the scholars and research can work easily, i'll stop upgrading them and work more on spreading out, i might then consider The Passage...and i am happy i don't need Hugo bothering me to get his items...thankyou for that!

    I got Anna Union a while ago, built a couple of steamers and threw her back in the stores, actually thinking about replacing them with cargos for the bit of influence, i've built a couple of pirate SoTL and monitors just incase a tasty escort/demolition quest comes up...really did panic when the video of Archie arriving in Embessa started playing thinking oh crap...war?? you have 'the nose' and i have Anna...we both want what the other has...shame we can't swap...or hire them out to each other LOL

    i saw malt in the coffee menu...figured there was going to be the ability to make Camp coffee lol...but it is made with chicory not malt lol it was around in the industrial revolution too...another crop wouldve been great lol

    totally hear you with the 'too much to do, its difficult to choose...i get really distracted if i have to wait for something....like a ship bringing needed cargo to complete what i started...ill float off to another island and completely forget what i was doing before...one thing leads to another...like lacking penny farthings led to rebuilding and and maxing the rubber island in another region...it wasn't an immediate fix like finding some goods hiding in storage somewhere...it was fix the whole damn chain lol and i was supposed to be fixing the goat milk in Embessa lol which is still broken.

    i'm now building up a list of helpful little tips and shortcuts...J is a good one...certainly better than visiting every single island every couple of hours.

    i have 2x2 items from the 'Gods of the Delta' exhibition, i need the legendary one...as usual...i lack a lot of legendary items because i don't do many expeditions and quests...so it's my fault if i don't make the effort. i wouldn't mind this one though. but first thing first with the research i want to do...move mines and oil wells...those oil wells are going to be so close to the harbour they can carry it in buckets lol.
    i'm pretty miffed i deleted the zoo and have now only got 60 influence left from it, i could do with this influence boost from that item...all these new animals and because i can't display them it is making it hard to not buy duplicates...cannot think why the devs have uncovered the items, i see a couple of other players are a bit Anno-yed about this 'update' too...and i'm going to go on and on about it until someone hears me LOL
    I love some of the new buildings i am seeing...look like lead roofs....all these different production buildings are going to make Brightsands look so pretty...but...thats another plan and...epic thread! LOL

    im off to read your pm now! ill try not to keep you up too late replying!
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