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    Crafting time

    Tell me, i am 1h/1.5h at the moment to move 1 clay pit. Does it have multiple usages? Or do I have to wait 8 hours to move all 5 clay pits on my island? And another 20 hours to move the oil wells of 1 island?

    I saw that it's possible to assign more engineers to speed it up. Can you assign more than 10k engineers to it? 10k engineers is like 1.5h -> 1h. So it will still take eternity to move everything to the place where I want to have it. Waiting total of 1000 hours to optimize 1 island is a little bit too long isn't it?
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    that does seem a bit excessive...1000 hours is like half the time i have been playing Anno 1800 lol
    i am nowhere near where you are in your game...i stopped with the quests until i could get Embessa built up a bit...
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    Yikes, that seem to be long, I guess.
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    I started a new game from scratch with the LoL release. 3 three-star opponents, all dlcs enabled. Haven't explored trelawney or arctic yet. The most challenging thing is influence (medium). To my opinion it's the best addition of all anno titles so far. I just love how it cripples me.

    About Embessa.. I got a quest stating I shall progress in library story further to get along with that pirate tribe. But I have already finished that quest line. It's weird.

    Well, I'll go on playing now. Let's find out if i'll have to research it again and again and if the price stays at 5k.
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    Wow.. costs are doubled. It's probably +5k each time. I am not sure: Is it capped or open end? Is there an undo button? It would be a shame to waste such precious gifts... lol. I hope the costs of normal items don't increase each time you craft an item.
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    You can lower the research time from 1h30min to just 10 minutes when you dedicate 10000 engineers on the research (10k is also the max). Some costs are doubled with 10k steps, but as soon you have more scholars the research point cap also increases so that isn't a problem then anymore. For what I know things you spend can't be undone once research is completed. But for as long you have not completed the research you can always cancel it.

    Note: here you see that the pier upgrade costs 20k and development time is 1h30min (standard) but I also have more then 10k engineers ready...

    This screenshot I made right after I started the develop the research and I assigned my 10k engineers to it and the research time went down from 1h30min to just 10minutes.

    So as long you have lots of scholars and engineers you are going throught them really quickly.
    Spoiler:  Show
    This is how far I am with just about 20h ingame time once I unlocked my scholars
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    Allright. It's weird, because when i put 1k engineers into it, research time decreases from 30 minutes to 27 minutes. Which is quite low. I just realized that all upgrades get more expensive the more often you craft it. It's probably base price times crafted. Thus legendary items go from 20k ->40k ->60k and so on. I'm not sure how much scholars are possible, as it's always a big money and influence sink.
    This evening, I finally got my first investor island (well, i also put some industry on it...). It's almost-selfsustained and my influence went up from 40 to 140. I'll see what I will do next. Maybe an engineer island. Though it's difficult due to the lack of influence..=)
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    is it similar to a.i Trader selling item that had reroll? will cost will go down, or it's always more, more and more cost as each time you used it?
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