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    Stuck in Asgard, no wakeup option to leave.

    So as the title says I'm currently stuck in Asgard. I completed all the quest lines and exited the door and spoke to the cult lady about my findings. Then I drank the potion to return back because I still needed one more tear to collect but it wasn't showing (I know why its not showing) and when I got back to Asgard the second time I cannot go back thru the door that I left from before and there is not a Wake-Up option on my world map as there was before. I do not have a save file I want to go back to as I don't frequently save my game. I am just wondering If anyone else has encountered this and anyone willing to offer advice on how to leave Asgard.
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    bro someone please look into this for me because my last save was when I just started grinding all of Ymir's Tears. I don't want to get all 29 again please.
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    you can delete this idk why i posted on the odyssey forums
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