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    DLC Pack purchased but weapons still appear as locked (PS4)

    I purchased Collection 2 before starting the game and when I'm on the ship loadout screen I am unable to select any of the DLC weapons in the pack, can anyone help?
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    Ubi-Ginge's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hi S_Ranker!

    Can you double check the content is installed -
    From the PS4 home screen, highlight the game and then press down on the controller.
    This will bring you to the game page. On the left, select Playstation Store.
    The window on the right will show you your add-ons. Select Your Add-Ons and press X to see a complete list.
    Check if the content you are looking for appears here and is marked as installed.

    If it is not marked as installed here, you can select it and install it.

    If the content is installed but you're still having the same problem, can you please let us know.
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    Hi there. There is no option to 'view add-ons' for some reason but if I click the 'view all' option at the bottom to take me PSN store and I select any of the items in the pack it does say 'purchased'.
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    I'm sorry to hear that you are still unable to access your content in game.

    If there are no add-ons showing then it's possible that the content is region locked.

    If you have a disc version of the game then it must match your PSN account region, otherwise any DLC content would be region locked. If you are unsure about this can you confirm which country your PSN account is registered under and confirm the region code on the back of the game box, it will show a number in a black box.
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