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    Do the Developers even test the games before release?

    I have nearly all of the Assassins Creeds games as of a few weeks ago, for the PS4, and i have a lot of major issues with the game play for 2 of the three i have played, which leads me to believe that the developers don't play the game or they ones that test the game provide notes about the game play that are ignored.

    I played Origins first and it took a bit to get accustomed to the controls, but once i did it was perfect! I am aware that Origins came out after the other ones I played so it seems like the different controls were different from feedback such as this. Maybe have a patch or option to change the controls to how we want?

    Fast-forward to Syndicate and not only are the controls different completely, but whoever thought it was a good idea to have the L stick move AND enter x-ray mode is totally insane. i cant move 5-feet without the game going into x-ray mode! Also, when driving the carriages they swerve so much its impossible to stay on a straight line! After a bit of play i was so frustrated with the controls i went to play 3.

    Again, i need to get accustomed to different controls and the game play is asinine. Most of the levels i had to YouTube to see how people completed them because no matter what I did I could not complete om my own! DLC The Tyranny of King Washington -- -WTF, who in their right mind completed that! I attempted that about 30-times and gave up and went back to the game. In the game I am on "Destroy the Enemy Frigate" and when i aim and shoot of course the shots go elsewhere. Also, I still cannot move 5-feet without entering the x-ray, even with a brand new controller!

    THIS IS MADDENING ! and i am just convinced that the developers don't test out what they do. If so the character we play with won't do random things that we don't control.

    Don't get my wrong, i really love the option to travel to different eras and such but I wish the game play reflected as much detail as the environment in the games. So far the Origins has been my favorite game to play.

    Does anyone else agree or am I just too "Call of Duty" with the controls exact each game with great user game-play?
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    @ZenUp2-- 2 & 3 were always a problem. It took them a really long time to fine tune the free run mechanics. You just have to get used to working around them & knowing when he might try to do what against your will & adjust. I can see how the rest would be a problem.

    The only one I know how to solve are the throwing knives. You have to be close enough to a target for their form to be highlighted, then just throw & it'll always hit. If a target isn't auto selected, he'll just throw the knives at air. Although, it only one-hit kills really low level, armorless guards. If you try them on anyone & they survive, you only have time for one more try before everyone is on to you. They might still anyway, if they see the guard in question die & you are within range.

    @Alf12034-- The only thing you mentioned that I've played was ACIII. That Tyranny of King Washington is awkward in that it starts out hard, then gets easier as you go. The addition of those guard dogs, while an interesting idea, was a huge pain in the ***, even with the invisibility.

    Do I think they're testing the rereleases? Probably not. They tested them in the first place & patched the PS3 versions somewhat back then, but the rereleases, I think, they're just taking what is, checking to see that it runs & shoving it back out without much effort to make a quick buck. If there are glaring issues, oh well. Their attention is focused on new releases, not old games that not everyone would care to buy, anyway.
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    Hey there guys!

    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback and suggestions.

    Alf12034, I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed playing Origins. This has personally been one of my favourites of the series, and I agree with some of the points you make, especially about controls. It took me a little while to get used to them, but now I couldn't see myself playing an Assassin's Creed game without those controls. Going back to the earlier games can feel a little stiff at times. You'll be interested to know that we actually introduced custom controls in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, and it is likely this feature will continue into Valhalla (but please note, this hasn't been confirmed).

    As you move back in the series, you will find that there are differences that some players may not be happy with, such as the controls and game mechanics. It's important to consider that as you are playing the games in reverse, you may notice positive changes, such as controls, being reverted to something you are no longer comfortable with. An example of this is Eagle Vision, which changes buttons from Assassin's Creed 2, 3, and through to Syndicate and Origins. Eagle mode has now been changed completely, and is accessed using up on the d-pad in Origins, rather than L3 or the triangle button. Following player feedback, the Assassin's Creed Team felt that a change was needed with Assassin's Creed: Origins, which is why the controls and gameplay style are so different than its predecessors. Another consideration worth making is that these games were all made by different studios, so some games have different mechanics. Controls will not always be the same for every game, as you have discovered yourself whilst playing through the series, and we understand that they may not suit every player.

    Please understand that the remastered editions of the Ezio Collection and Assassin's Creed 3 were not intended to be remakes, and were instead released with the intentions that they would perform better on current gen consoles. This means that there may have been only minor improvements, such as improved graphics and slightly different controls. Largely speaking, these games were still the same as their originals.

    I appreciate you taking the time to list all of the bugs you have encountered, ZenUp2, as well as Makanjyuu sharing their experience in the Tyranny of King Washington. We understand that encountering these can be of an inconvenience to the player, and apologise if they have a negative affect on player experience.

    Our games are always evolving, and our teams are keen to hear player feedback to try and improve our next release. I'll be sure to pass on what you have shared to our teams. I've moved this thread to General Discussion, to see if the community would like to add their input, especially regarding your question about key binds, ZenUp2.

    Thanks again guys! We hope that you enjoy playing our games going forward
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    Yeah, I don't know what's going on, there. That's never happened to me on PS3.
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    I think Ubi Borealis summed it up perfectly.
    Odyssey and Origins had 10 years of feedback to inform their user friendly control schemes.
    Playing ACIII was a revelation - I had forgotten how irritating and imprecise the parkour could be at times.
    The control scheme for the older games were always problematic with the circle button having too many functions but it became really apparent when I replayed ACIII for the remastered version.

    As for the gameplay itself, ACIII is relatively easy although trickier than Origins or Odyssey in some spots, particularly if you're going for 100 % sync but like with most AC games of old you always made it through. I miss it.
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    So I’m replaying AC Rogue before Valhalla because why not, and was reminded of this thread. I’ve figured out partly the issue of why the controls in earlier games can be problematic: everything is so automated. It didn’t start off that way but from AC III onwards the game starts to play itself at times and that leads to a lot of arguing with the controls. So for instance, Shay/Edward/Connor is taking cover behind a tree when all you want to do is climb up it. The game is often confused about what you want to do because rather than letting you tell it what you want to do it is predicting it for you in an effort to feel more fluid. If there were a dedicated cover or crouch system that scenario I just pitched would not happened and…what do you know, the later games solve this problem thus proving Ubi Borealis' point.
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