AWESOMO-O: Made it to lvl2, but stayed there: 51/6
Angel Wendy, 954/50. Updated, only because it was cheap
Poseidon Stan, 1045/50. Same as Wendy., but I promise to update him when I have 1050/50
Zen Cartman. Was never interested in, therefore 326/8
Priest Maxi. Too expensive for the money: 564/50
Captain Diabetes: Still waiting for his use, 562/50
Gen Disarray, 103/8, annoying but nothing more
Same with Wonder Tweek: 193/4, there are better cards to update
Nelly, 333/40. Had obviously too much money+material
Marcus, 26/6. Never bothered to use him
Big gay Al: 300/8
Pres Garrison: 16/6 Epics under lvl3? Not anymore
Barbrady, 339/8. His animation is just too slow, otherwise as a defense...
Smuggler Ike, 943/10, Calamity Heidi a tad higher 1024/50
Shelly made it to lvl2 (cheap points): 32/6
Barrel Dougie: 247/8. What for?
OutlawTweek, 1062/50
Shaman Sharon, used here once in an event, she was good, but: 346/8
Thunderbird, too easy to neutralize: 97/8
Big Mesquite Murph: Wot? 23/3, and 1/5
Princess Kenny: One trick pony, 519/5
Black Mage Craig, 357/8
Dwarf King Clyde, mighty but: 326/8. Hercules Clyde is more useful
Witch Garrison 342/4. Has still to prove his usefulness against me
Mr Slave, 30/6. Too few copies to use him. Nowadays he should be able to get to lvl4