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    please Ubisoft make this game playable offline

    please Ubisoft include the ability to play offline, if you shut down the servers in the future this game will no longer be playable, so make it playable offline too so when you close the servers in the future fans will be able to play again
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    Agreed, the OPTION to play online is good, but it HAS TO BE AN OPTION not a requirement. Even D3 which started this trend eventually caved and gave us the option to play it offline.

    Also Get back on Steam,
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    An undisclosed location, cursing Yoo-Bee-Swindled for making BG&E2 always-online-only
    As much as I loathe this company anymore for what they’ve done to Rainbow Six, making such a long-awaited sequel to a beloved game as this always-online only is the cherry on the turd sundae.

    And people think EA is the worst gaming company...

    I've been waiting 17+ years for this damned game and this one boneheaded decision has ensured that I will never play it. The Hitman series, which I loved, pulled this **** too and I'll never touch those new games with a 10-foot pole.
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