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    The huge success of "The last of us 2" should reveal to everyone that single player story line, adult believable story, stealth play, survivalistic scarce eqippment is far from dead. It has an big market, but this market has high quality expectations.

    Ubisofts games arent comparable even close to this masterpiece. Story telling, real human tragedy,character development, this believable designed world, looking not gamey at all. Is there anything in Ubisofts store that can be considered as equal to it?

    I dont see it. "Naughty Dog" game development studio could create an great Splinter Cell game, in that I am convinced , but Ubisoft? I think not.

    The rather delicate stealth, story driven, secret service experience is not an dull "fun" experience.

    Its an thrilling, nerv wrecking, exciting and mindful experience. In Splinter Cells we use tools, we dont play with toys.

    Ubisoft should see the aimed customer group with Splinter Cell as adults, which they didnt with the last 2 games.

    I personlly would only consider buying another Splinter Cell game, if it would have an story of the caliber of the "24" series (the 8 seasons were great, the 9th not so much imo), adult, serious, believable, exciting and thrilling. Real personalities, no archetypes, no silly "funniness", no clowns.

    Splinter Cell Blacklist had lethal and non-lethal options but it never tried to capitalize that.

    Non-lethal takedowns are almost equally fast and silent like lethal takedowns.

    You are never emotionally challenged NOT to kill. There are just level designed forcings not to do it.

    But emotionally it makes no difference, because all guards, NPCs are all bad boys. There are no policemen, neutral guards, light weight criminals, civilians. There is no second guessing emotionally / morale speaking. Ok, the sputh america mension is an exception to an extent. But, also there the NPCs are bots. Not like in "The last of us 2", where the NPCs and gmfactions have an very livid flair, that lets you feel with them, you feel resistance not to kill them. WOW! Something like it in an special secret service agent fantasy would be great!

    Also not in terms of tactics. The mission where you infiltrate the Quds HQ is an story telling wise desaster, fully unbelievable. But there are plenty of story killing elements in this game, that makes it dislikable for any halfway decently intelligent adult person.

    Its not an high quality entertainment.

    But there are good features in this game, I agree. But the game does not generate a pleasing experience.

    What do you think about this?
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    Yup, I’d get an Xbox or even a new PC if Ubi announced a linear 3rd-person Splinter Cell. Even if it didn’t have Sam as the main character, just the gameplay inspired by Chaos Theory.
    But it’s VR and even if it sells well I doubt it would prompt them to make a normal SC game.
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    I'm surprised at the lack of optimism for a VR creepy crawler. I havnt seen any footage but the idea of being immersed in a dark vent or in a tight spot sounds amazing. VR has been a goal for a very very long time. Its always in movies and has made kids like me (years ago) jealous. My only problem is the actual physical movement. I dont want it and never have. If they just smash a screen on my face without ruining my eyes than id be happy Not really into swinging my arms and running face first into a bedroom wall. Just want a screen with a panoramic feel. Can you spam crouch and tilt like R6 in a VR , probably not . I just want the zero screen loss . I dont even want the VR machine to read that I turned my head . Zelda BOTW with motion sensors is not gud. While shooting a bow and using both motion sensors and analogs , just not gud. Dont need a jerking screen everytime my head twitches. Which in a VR will be excessive unintentional moving
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