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    Hi there!
    I got ACR Preorder from Steam and have lots of questions:
    What are the exlusives of Preordering? I'll tell you what I found:
    -Doctor character in MP.
    Are there more exlusives?
    And there are special Missions in UPlay for 30P if I will unlock it before I finish AC will they give me spilers? I am currently have 0P and my only chance to get 30P is to finish the game, so my question is what do you say, can I unlock the missions after I finished the game?
    And last question in the main menu I have "Special Content", is it connected with the UPLay award? or with preordering?
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    you get what steam advertises, there is no hidden bonus content if its not shown.

    uplay rewards are small things like extra ammo, not special missions so there are no spoilers. you can use uplay points anytime you want.

    special content is for limited editions such as the animus edition which you dont have
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    What does it mean?
    Unlocks a new mission for each city in the Mediterranean Defense meta-game.
    Isn't it a new missions?
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    extra cities (missions) to send your recruits to, no missions for ezio
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