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    [01/10/2020] New official season and changelogs

    Hi everyone,

    After 3 months of the summer season, congratulations to Hefest, the Summer 2020 champion, who will be rewarded with a rare Trophy 9!
    25 new tracks will be available at 17:00 CEST until the end of the year. We are waiting for you on the road!

    We also updated the game and here are the changelogs:


    + Improved readability in the page of submitted maps to the review server
    + Improved UI of HotSeat mode
    + Improved UI of local network pages
    + Improved the chat in-game (Pressing "Enter" will allow you to chat even if your chat is set to "Closed")
    + Load the author ghost of the map if it exists when validating it


    + Fixed Lightmaps issues with Materials flagged as "Stadium256"
    + Items slightly smaller in file size


    + Fixed ".avi.avi" issue with multiple Editing Cut blocks
    + Edge case bug/crash fixes

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    ok that's cool, now more clues and new adjustments within the game, you don't know when you're anxious about it, thank you so much

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    since the update i am not able to play this map online anymore ? >> https://trackmania.exchange/tracks/v...362/wonderland
    (calculated shadows on high , validated). server seems not to crash, but i can not play it, player seems to be in cam7 view, can not enter game ( only happens with this map which i validated with the newest patch)

    strangely enough, if i load the map on my personal dedicated it does load, and after map restart i am able to run it. -BUT:
    on finish i can not finish ,m i have to run one more CP i already ran through ( and had a CP time also) to finish it.
    only happens in mult[I]player. if i run the map locally it works jsut as intended.

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    So will i be able to play this whole campaign without the game crashing closing and going to desktop feels like i just gave you money for a subscription of nothing

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    also nice new Bug:

    Create a map with one cp start and finish,
    validate. >> add some corners, remove cp , add 2 new CP #s, re-validate. old author time is stuck now.

    bug concerning post above ( map not playable anymore on servers: i removed a CP , added a new one, removed 2 streetparts and replaced them with alternatives. now map is not playable anymore on ubis server. and on my own dedicate.

    also new bug, going to desktop and returning to game after a couple of minutes closes the game.

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    The validation issue has been fixed this morning.


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    Originally Posted by softyBcKK Go to original post

    The validation issue has been fixed this morning.

    confirmed : CP bug is fixed, but still my map does not work on dedicated server. ( changed one CP now to revalidate, did this, re-computed lightmaps ) put it on reveiw server, Server stil crashes.

    all the map limits are fullfilled , well below 1 mb models.

    here the dedicated serve failure message: (ran on my personal dediacted, but client crashed, server had this on the logs.
    Loading map cs-tech-6_18379.Map.gbx (aTEkv6Kg6lGalJ2OLsKgc80ga1g)...
    ...Load succeeds
    Runtime error: ERROR [Libs/Nadeo/TMxSM/Race/Race.Script.txt: 252, 78] You can c hange this value only before loading a map.
    Race::UseCppRaceProgression() [252, 78]
    Race::Load() [1581, 47]
    ModeBase::Main() [103, 2]

    Restarting the match....

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    Fall 2020 - 17 & 18 are now updated removing the forced camera 1. Records have been reset on both maps.

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    sorry to bother you, custom finish models are now not working any more online ( review servers) same is for multilap maps, validated with the newest client version (02-10-2020).
    finish models do work in older map versions, but >> re-validating and / or building a new map with those parts now work only locally and on private hosted dedicated servers. ( validated a 3 lap multilap as example , and somehow people manage to finish after one round, others after 2 rounds and in rare cases you have to drive 3 rounds.

    seems ubi's review dedi's did not get the newest Version of the race script file ( version UBI: 29-09-2020, Version Download "*latest.zip" from ubisoft (dedi download) 02-10-2020.

    and a request also:

    it is possible to build Finish, CP and Finish/Start models in the mesh editor,
    but not directly in the block editor ( which includes a mesh editor that has this functionality disabled *lol*)
    >> could you guys add/enable that functionality ?