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    Spare your enemy

    So ive always wanted a way to spare players who are noobie to give them a 2nd chance in battle so my idea might sound off to people but maybe it could give higher renown and maybe even 10 steel each time you spare them up to 3 times then you must choose kill or excute

    i was thinking mainly for duels but it would be cool to be able to hold the cancel button in the excution stance to spare the person your fighting maybe our warrior will yell at the person as viking to stand back up im not done with you

    or knights might tell them that they dont think this kill is honorable stand back up

    and the samurai would hand the enemy their weapon back and well eta basicly a way to not have to kill the enemy and be able to earn some stuff from sparing them and giving your enemy a 2nd chance
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    As this is an interesting concept. It would only be cool if it would guarantee a win of the round as I can see a lot of salty players turn this around and steel a cheesy victory. Maybe a unique "execute" for each hero like the one made for Warmonger. Like land a blow that would clearly not kill your opponent but knock them unconscious or to both withdraw out of respect and bow as a Samurai or shake hands as a Knight or bear hug as a Viking depending on the character you chose and still count as a win and elimination for the person who activates this unique "execute" just a cool thought in case I one day come back to this game.
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    ya i was thinking about a honor duel where no other people can attack the person you spare vice versa and a fire ring is made around these two that only they can see
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