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    Is this game ever going to happen?

    Hearing nothing, has it gone?
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    We released a status update less than 2 weeks ago, here.
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    So its still years away then, I'll go back to sleep....
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    remember hearing about "beta late 2019" and not it's not even going to be out for 2021 really guys wtf is going on
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    This sounds like he was removed from the team. JMHO. What does this mean for the game now. How is it possible to lose one of your most important pieces to its development.
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    So the main person behind the game's development is gone, the game is in development limbo, and Ubisoft won't release any footage.

    May as well face reality, folks: this game is never going to be released.
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    I'm waiting patiently and I can hardly wait to play this game at the same time too.
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    The only company that can make a working big open mmo. is Rockstar they are the very best at it look at GTA 5 and Red dead redemtion 2. Soooo huge!!
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    yes UBI- Zu Zu diversity is great! i also love being able to play my games both with the option to play offline mode and online mode! now that's diverse Ubisoft wouldn't possibly be against diversity now would they?
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