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    Availability of wallpapers in higher quality/resolutions?


    (first of all, this is a translation of my post from the german ubisoft forum, I doubt it will result in a lot there .. so I thought I "port" it over. Using deepl.com, so the translation results should be fine most time)

    I'm going to post this in the general forum, because it seems like a general question, even if it's about a specific game series (Splinter Cell)

    I currently have the following problem, you can find a lot of great wallpaper pictures for the Splinter Cell games (also from Blacklist. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/cj-44R-f1ic/maxresdefault.jpg as an example) but I can't find any in higher resolutions. 4k & upwards.

    Maybe I'm too stupid but if you search via Google & co, for High Res / High MP count, you will only find screenshots or snapshots from the game trailers.

    For the release of SC:CT there was a CD from Amon Tobin with the songs and own wallpaper, simple but impressive. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon....1PE42D0SQL.jpg but even this one can't be found in high resolution.

    With pictures from the period 2005 not sooo surprising but... Blacklist was released in 2013. Nobody can tell me that Ubisoft's internal artist studio produces pictures in 1920x1080 as advertising pictures. I believe you a lot of things but THAT is guaranteed not.

    So I was wondering ... Why are they not publicly available? Did they simply miss out on that in 2013?

    How does it look like, are there "official" Ubisoft employees on the forums and/or do the mods have contacts there and you can just submit it ... as an idea? No Ubisoft own Deviantart account. Pinterest whatsoever, where many of these incredible pictures (https://gamercrash.files.wordpress.c...09/scb_spy.jpg) are simply shared. They're stuck somewhere internally on a hard drive in the archive. Share it with us, even if it's just to promote ol' Sammy more, now that he's making a guest appearance again.

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    Ronrussel: Hi there, Ronrussel! Please know that with the Ubisoft Club, you can actually unlock wallpapers and the like! You can also check the media section of our game pages to locate more high resolution images!
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    Ronrussel: Hi there, Ronrussel! Please know that with the Ubisoft Club, you can actually unlock wallpapers and the like! You can also check the media section of our game pages to locate more high resolution images!
    Heyho UbiDork,
    Thanks for the fast reply, just saw it. So, yeah. I know about that Ubi Club thing. (as I mentioned initially, I also shared this post on the german ubisoft Forum) I've mentioned in a different post however already that those and the media section, especially fo Blacklist are rather .. bad if it comes to blacklist. There are only like 8 screenshots, nearly all of them are captures of the singleplayer with "eye catching" scenes, which are surely good for promotional uses for a game but absolutly not good as a long-term wallpaper of e.g. a custom printed poster for the wall. And, oddly enough, I faced with those (including the wallpaper from the ubi club) the same problem with the resolution. At best 1920x1600. And the wallpaper looks like it was upscaled, not designed at that size or bigger and downscaled, it looks .. well .. bad at that high resolution. If you slightly zoom in, you instantly see the problems. Besides the "flashing" effect the artist added to the nightvision goggles, they shiny brighter than the sun in .. bad .. way.

    Meanwhile,around the internet so many great shots of Blacklist float around. Used in articles or as thumbnails from IGN & co or shared on splinter cell wiki's. But as always, low resolutions.

    And, I was unable to track those back. Some have Ubisoft watermarks etc. but I was unable to find the actual source like a press release or an article somewhere with promo imgages.
    Just two examples: https://splintercell.fandom.com/wiki...iesvsmercs.jpg // https://splintercell.fandom.com/wiki...thumb_w457.jpg

    I mean, those images *have* to come from somewhere.

    Which lead me to another intresting conclusion, that Ubisoft in general (at least that's my impression) seems to share not many of theire great artists work with the community. Sure, here and there 1-2 wallpapers on the Ubi Club or the site you linked but .. Basically, the press releases / promo videos have more/better images than the actual later available content.

    Which is so .. odd. I mean, nobody really believes those are deleted. Artists, and I would happily thank those people for theire amazing work, create in hours over hours those fantastic images like this https://i.pinimg.com/originals/c4/b6...48d22a4c1b.jpg and it then just.. vanishes. And that's only for Blacklist. I can imagine that it's similar for other games, especially games that are already a few years older...

    So, I was really wondering if there is a possibility to forward a (community) request. I would happily create a petition and collect signatures from across the community (here, if allowed) and on e.g. Reddit and I'm confident enough people happily would sign it. But, before I "waste my time", I would like to ask you and other moderators, if there would be even a chance that such a petition would even reach anyone out there. I know from some other companies (because a friend worked as free time moderator and later joined the company) that forum (free-time) moderators or support employees sometimes have some kind of "hot wire" to a handful people and are the most likely persons to actually reach someone internal. Which is also a reason I initially posted here.

    Or if it would be just get ignored... What do you think, if I'm allowed to ask?
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    Hey Ronrussel,

    I'm looking into this for you with our Community Team, to see whether any key art / wallpapers are lurking in high definition in the shadows somewhere.

    I can't promise that I'll be able to provide exactly what you're looking for, as I'm not sure whether the art is publicly available as you say, however I'm doing everything I can to find out for you. If I hear anything back, I'll let you know!

    P.S. I've moved this thread to the Splinter Cell Player Support board, as it's better-suited to being there.
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    I'm looking into this for you with our Community Team, to see whether any key art / wallpapers are lurking in high definition in the shadows somewhere.
    That's amazing, thank you a lot that's already way more than I could have hoped for. To be honest, the "best" outcome I really expected was the expactable "yeah, those artworks for promo + ubi club are the only one available"

    Thank you

    (P.s. also the moving is OK/understandable. My personal focus currently is really on Splinter Cell in general but overall it was a rather "generic" question, which was why I moved it to the public/main one. Also, to be fair. Since I hoped that the chances that someone stumbles over it are higher there hehe.)
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    You're welcome! Once we have an update, we'll share it with you here in the forums. As my colleague Woofer mentions, I'm afraid we cannot promise whether we'll be able to provide what you're looking for, but we'll certainly take a closer look for you!
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    That’s fantastic to hear as I said, all this is already way more than I actual expected. Thanks
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    Heyho all together,

    Been a bit over a month, I guess that means there is nothing hu?
    Sad but understandable though..

    Thanks anyway for trying
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