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    Cheaters back in midnight circuit

    At the end of the first leg of the current midnight circuit I went to claim my rewards. I didn't post a great time but to my surprise the best time was almost 35 seconds quicker than mine with a track time of 0.111 seconds. What chance do honest payers have of getting in the top percentage when these killjoys are spoiling it for us. Now I know that we will just have to live with it because the devs are absent, but it is just so frustrating
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    I agree, but also think it's limited.

    I'm looking now and seeing just a very small handful of cheaters. On the current leg there's a known cheater at #2 spot, and #1 spot has it in 0.111 seconds.

    But the #5 and #6 spots are trusted accounts.
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    Second leg finished, same result. Winning track time once again 0.111 seconds. I agree that there is a limited amount of cheaters because I recognise most of the top ten players but it is still annoying
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