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    RAID Related Issues


    This is to report some issues and bugs in with Raids.

    There is a glitch in the Raid called "Glitching the titans", players are use to glitch titans (apart from super computer). Here are the details on how this is happening:

    Right after when boss/titan fight starts, squad leader will left the game and others will invite squad leader as soon he left the game through party chat. Remaining players will survive the fight until the squad leader joins back again. Once squad leader joins back, they all go for Killed in Action and when fight restarts Titan will not move an inch and they can easily go for kill
    Ubisoft must fix this bug because this is unfair to the players who wants to do it right way.

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    You've posted this in the Wildlands section - don't worry, it's a common mistake (thanks to that Breakpoint logo up the top) - but you'll get more response from Ubisoft in the right section.

    Here's the section you're looking for - https://forums.ubisoft.com/forumdisp.../2186-Xbox-One
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    Hello there mazizabbas!

    gunbladelad is correct! I'm afraid you posted within our Wildlands forum. I've moved your post over to our Breakpoint forum instead.

    I can see that you've posted within this forum already, and that my colleague Houck has reached out to you. I recommend that you continue communication over on that thread. As you have multiple threads regarding this issue, I'll close this one to prevent any future confusion.
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