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    First i would just like to say im happy with what grin has been doing so far, its very reassuring. Overall the bits of information weve been getting is exactly what i wanted to hear and probly a couple of others too.

    So im just going to say thanks to grin now.....

    The only thing next is they have to release a game that lives upto our expectations. If they do im probly going to be there biggest fan

    just keep up the good work GRIN peoples

    a nice gr3 pc media pack would be cool... or even a Webkit with just character and weapon model renders so we can get some cool fan site going or desktop wallpapers... or somthing
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    its going to be worth them making this game as good as it can be, Them being a relavtily small and unkown company already I think this project could make or break thier businesses. If they pull this off and do really well they are going to have fans by the thousands but should they mess this up then it may mean that people will deliberatly avoid anyother titles that they decied to release or help produce.

    So really I think it is in thier best interests to listen to what we the fans have to say and what we request.
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