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    Unbalanced selection of players

    Ubisoft will you ever fix the selection of players? Every time I enter the game, I die from level 100, even though I only have 6. Disgusting selection of players, because of this, it is impossible for beginners to start playing, because they look like targets in a dash.
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    Hey there. Please note there is not SBMM in Hyper Scape currently. Matchmaking is based on connection.
    However, the team is working on a few things for the new player experience. If you have any suggestions in addition to SBMM, be sure to share!
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    A good matchmaking algorithm was in the 2011 quake live. Their rating was calculated using the ELO formula (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system). In online games, when calculating the elo rating, the player's ping must also be taken into account (i.e. two players with the same skill, but with different ping must have different elo ratings)
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