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    The Ravenous Exotic Rifle

    Good Morning! Please I need help! my XBOX one account is "RODRIGODUO58" and every week I do the Iron Horse Raid from start to finish! And the "The Ravenous Exotic Rifle" weapon, no "drop" please, you can help me, this is making me extremely anxious and with no sleep, because I keep doing it over and over and every time I do not "drop" the gun, I feel very sad, please! help me, increase the chance of drop, or another way of doing it, because I really feel really wronged.
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    I'm sorry to hear that you have not received the Ravenous Exotic Rifle from completing the raid. Unfortunately it does not have a 100% drop rate so you would not be guaranteed to receive it.

    You could also have a chance at receiving it in the weekly exotic caches.
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    Please, please, this is very unfair, I play every day and try almost every day, but the gun doesn't drop, I know it's not a 100% chance, but I really ask for help, because even with different problems connection, bugs, etc., I keep trying, please ask for help with this, please! please!
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    please! I can't be harmed by the "luck" I don't have, please, I beg you to do something, please !!
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    Games are meant to be fun, and it's really doing me a lot of harm!
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    The drop rate as I understand it is maybe 1% per boss, but several times more in the box at the end. Of course those are slim odds, and even if it was say 4%, you wouldn't be guaranteed a drop in 25 runs. That's how randomness works.
    My advice is find a Discord group focused on the Division, and they will usually run folks through the raid with a group who all have the gun, and at the end drop any Ravenous that is pulled for the newcomer. You'd probably only have to run a few times
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    thanks man! but I really tired, I do a lot of times ... I tired that ridiculous
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