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    I'm not getting hunter's fury outfit

    I did not get the outfit... or cannot find it.
    I bought the premium season pass before start playing the new season. 😕
    I'm already at level 13...
    Anybody else with this issue?
    Any help?
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    Ubi-Keo's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Could you please try closing and restarting the game and check to see if the reward is granted as there can sometimes be a delay.
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    Furt outfit not in my inventory

    I have the same issues. Bought the premium track and not hunter fury outfit. Any idea how I can get this? I bought it a few days ago and have logged on and off a few times.

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    Same/similar issue. It wasn't necessarily apparent the Season Pass was required, leveled upto 13/14 when I finally purchased the SP. Some items appeared to be retroactively rewarded, but the Hunters Fury outfit/apparel does not appear in my apparel stash. Have logged out/in multiple times.

    The S.
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    It does not show up in your full outfits tab. U have to go to each piece of clothing individually to find the corresponding hunter’s fury apparel.
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    Can you contact our support team via Facebook PM of Twitter DM and we can look deeper into this. When you message, please let us know the email address and username on your accounts.
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