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    AC 4 cant unlock suits plz help ubi

    I have ac reveleations brotherhood ac2 steam and ac3 uplay and i play black flag 4 but no promotional suit unlock.

    Help me get suits plz Ubi.

    Ok so after changing my nickname to the legacy one I have got the 2 suits but not a connor suit. I think its because i have revelations, black flag and brotherhood on steam, but ac 3 on uplay?
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    Hello there XenticPL!

    From what I understand, you're trying to unlock Connor's outfit in Black Flag. Is this correct? Have you still been unable to unlock the outfit.

    Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for the tracking systems to update fully. I would also ensure that your connection for Uplay PC is correctly configured.

    If you're still unable to unlock the outfit, please don't hesitate to update us!
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