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    acu is fu**ed

    so i was just playingand then i accidently did the assassins creed knights mission which i dont wanna do and also i am level one and the guards are level 5
    THERE IS NO WAY TO QUIT THE MISSION HELP do i have to wipe all my progress to quit it i am so f*c*ing pissed rn
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    Hey, my memory is a bit fuzzy as it's been years since I played ACU. Are you referring to the Dead Kings dlc that takes you to St. Denis? If yes, you'll have to complete around 2-3 missions before it'll let you reach the surface, afterwards you'll be able to fast-travel back to Paris.
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    Ureh makes a good point, dijereedang. Could you let us know more about the name of the mission you're stuck on so we can try to help?
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