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    The tenth letter for Ubisoft

    Hello,Dear Ubi.I have sent you a lot of letters but my question is still unfinished.I know you need time to prepare and it will not be faster
    because of sending my letters to you again and again.But I have only this way.I sent my message to the Hong Kong Ubisoft but they had no ideas
    and they finally said I can put my message on the Ubisoft forums.Although I have sent my messages ,it is still unfinished.I have a just little request, do what you have done for PC again.There has Chinese subtitles for Far Cry 4 on PC but not for PS4.Why we PS4 players can not have this service?There has a lot of people play Ubisoft's games on PS4 in Hong Kong.We spent the same money but why we can not have the same service?It is unfair for all of us.My friends and the people in China forums told me that Ubisoft is a big company so they will not listen you advice.But I really want to play Far Cry 4 of the PS4 version with Chinese subtitles.If you do not update for PC,I will not have this idea.But you have
    done it already so I think it is not difficult for you guys.There will be more people buy Far Cry 4 beacouse of you updating.Please update Far Cry 4 of the PS4 version or tell me a better way about sending my advice directly to Ubisoft .
    ps:I really want to put my letter on Far Cry 4 forums but there is no people who wanted replied me
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    lzy1122334: Hi again, lzy1122334! Thank you for sharing this post again, however since you currently have a thread created here, I'll be closing this one as I have stated before that duplicate threads will be closed to ensure that the forum is available for other players to be able to be heard for technical issues. Player feedback should be directed here as well.
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