why ubisoft can't add an offline mode in Beyond Good and Evil 2 ?
10 or 20 years from now if I would like my children to play this game . probably the servers have been shut down by Ubisoft

Michel Ancel leaves Ubisoft and video game development, but production of BG&E2 continues

"Beyond Good and Evil 2 is an online, multiplayer game with a rich co-op and seamless experience," the post reads. "As such, the game will only be playable with an Internet connection in order to have seamless navigation, receive dynamic updates, and play with friends (which is certainly better when you're playing as a Space Pirate!). The choice to play co-op, however, remains yours to make, so playing BGE2 solo is absolutely possible if you're into that lone Space Pirate kinda thing..."

This is at odds with a past developer update regarding the game from December 7, 2017 wherein Beyond Good and Evil 2's Director Michel Ancel initially revealed that Beyond Good and Evil 2 would be playable offline and that its online component wouldn't overshadow the rest of the experience, rather it would complement a story that could be told offline.

"It's very important to say that you can play offline if you want," said Ancel at the time. "You will be able to have this feeling of living this story with characters and places, that's the basic thing. We want to invite people to play with friends on top of that."