Not what I initially would have asked for, but... If they just re-purposed the assets from the original game (The master voice recordings, the map layouts, the same guard & and obstacle layout, enemy AI scripts, etc.), and made hand-interactible mini games out of scoping, lock picking, grabbing & dragging/interrogating guards, then I'd be willing to pay a whole $60 for it. If they managed to do that with the whole original trilogy, I'd pay just about any reasonable price they asked. Can you imagine shimmying across a pipe, swinging up with your legs by crouching, and aiming up at the ceiling at some guard below you. Or, hanging around in the Osprey, talking to Grimm & the team, and gearing up between missions. All the mechanics like gunplay, gadgets, goggles and sneaking could lend themselves so well to VR. That being said, this could still go so right, or so wrong