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    When will Ubisoft fix Digital Scope?

    Ubisoft - when will you acknowledge and fix the digital scope? Since it was updated to include the x4 zoom, it has been completely broken. It is creating a toxic and hateful environment in PvP
    You fixed the invisible players issue, however the digital scope issue has been around for MONTHS!
    Edit - if the aim assist mechanic is too hard to fix or at least acknowledge with ANY information, just disable aim assist in PvP. You’ll be doing us all a favour
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    Yes, most of the issues in pvp can be fixed if they disable the aiming assistant ... but they don't have a ******g clue about anything, I think they don't even have testers that play pvp, if they did, they would all notice the errors there are.
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    At the very least, the development team needs to give an official opinion on the digital scope.
    Digital scope users have been harassed since this issue occurred in PvP. we must think of ways to improve it.
    I suggest mitigation of aim assist.
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