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    How to get everything back on a new Phone

    Hello ! so em ... I buyed a new Phone few days ago (I had an Android and buyed an IOS) and when I'm connecting to my Ubisoft account i'm not getting everything back even if i'm connected it just say i'm connected and nothing more... so yeah I don't realy know what to do is it normal ? Should I contact Ubisoft Support ? thanks in advance
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    You cannot migrate your account details from Android to iOS at least not in the conventional way.
    Raise a case with Support or Nego on this forum should be able to help. Ubi Support are useless, just so you know.
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    there is a way to get your stuff transfered? i've been playing to get everything back for a year and a half now. if i would have been able to continue where i left off on my ipad, i'm very confident i would have all the bikes maxed out by now.... i guess there is no way they'all add all the pieces of those bikes together but maybe i can get the tracks i had on my ipad but are next to impossible to get on my android since the events in which i won them have been long gone
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