I need some help with this game... several questions:


For AC2... I have done everything there is to the game - feathers, renovations, treasures etc etc - and I'm still at 99.29% completion? I think, for some odd reason the Templar Mission : Shipwrecked is not showing in the game.. Does anyone have any solutions to this?



Regarding the Ubisoft Club Challenges..

How does one get both the "Renaissance" and "Legacy Completionist" badges?

I have completed all three games with all platinum trophies, and watched both prologue and epilogue movies... But they are still not unlocked, and I wonder why



Assuming that only playing AC:EC won't get 9000 XP to unlock "Master Assasin" badge, I assume that I can't unlock "Show me the money!" badge too, am I correct?


Attached here a screenshot I took from PS4.

Any pointers or help is much appreciated!