How would yall feel about An Assassin's creed set during the German renaissance that takes place in the 16 century? It would be different than the likes of an Italian renaissance from Assassin's creed 2 and Brotherhood and with germany we could see a culture that isn't well known as well as fresh new history. So here are my Ideas.

My wants for a Germain renaissance/16 century Germain Assassin's creed:

1. I would love for the narrative of the German renaissance setting to be on the same level as Assassin's creed 2, basically a really well thought out story with love and Care.

2. A free form combat system that Is like Assassin's creed Brotherhood mixed with Unity would be most appreciated, Disarms should return as well as counters and Hidden blade combat

3. Unity/Syndicate like stealth

4. Hood toggle and facial hair toggle (Which are features that should be a main stay in the franchise for all games)

5. A loveable protagonist like Ezio and Arno

6. A dark and Gritty story that has light moments

7. An open world the side of Unity

8. No optional objectives (without the likes of intrusive optional objectives we as players could approach missions with the tactics we see fit offering us more freedom)

9. I would the option to replay memories again, as an option like this would make us feel immersed in the fact that were in the animus like older entries in the franchise

10. Hand to hand combat (Hand to hand would be a useful edition for this game as it would provide players with a pacifists option that we could so desire to take as an Assassin of the Brotherhood stays his blade from the flesh of an innocent)

11. Stylish Robes. (This Is very important because various of Assassin's in the past have dawn incredible looking Robes that fit well in thier respective settings. With notable examples like Ezio, Arno, Jacob and many others, and the protagonist in this setting deserves that opportunity as well.)

12. Amazing voice acting (This is really crucial because a great performance could really sell us on the story and have us take the game seriously)

Four things I do not want:

1. No Check list styled objectives

2. No Odyssey like Rpg elements

3. No dialogue options or Branching storylines

4. No Egregious tonal shifts in story

Ubisoft If you're reading this I would appreciate if you take notice of this idea