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    Uplay connection Xbox One

    Never had this before. Unable to play I'm greeted with the following....

    "We're sorry you can't link your Ubisoft account. You need to re-associate it with the account you originally linked to."


    I only ever had 1 account. WTF!

    Ubisoft would you please allow the USER to decide whether I wish to use a Ubisoft account? I'm getting tired of linking crap.
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    Hey, udidwht1972!

    Welcome to the forums and sorry to hear thatou are encountering this issue. I am afaid we are unable to assist with account issues over the forums.

    Can we ask that you reach out to us via a private message on our social media channels:



    Alternatively you can contact us via a support ticket HERE or live chat HERE.

    Thank you.
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